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28 June, 2011July 2011 Energy Update: True Identity within Infinite Time7103
5 June, 2011Insights Into The Shift 3706

Owen Waters

13 June, 2011Heaven #3853 Cheer the World2814


13 June, 2011Healing the Military Energies in our family tree6560

Kryon (South Africa)

15 June, 2011Full Moon/Second Eclipse of the Eclipse Trinity436

Kara Schallock

2 June, 2011Focus Meets the Power of Limits and Standards3259
7 June, 2011Fly into Your Magic Life262

Brenda Hoffman

13 June, 2011Feel The Fear... 546

Sarah-Jane Grace

4 June, 2011Expect the best...562

Ann Albers

1 June, 2011Energy Report for June 20114589

Kate Spreckley

1 June, 2011Energy Forecast - Transformation Upgrade4857

Emmanuel Dagher

28 June, 2011Emotional Intensity 3204

Sarah-Jane Grace

21 June, 2011Eclipses, Solstices, Full Moons – Oh My!310

Brenda Hoffman

10 June, 2011Eckhart on Finding Balance7431

Eckhart Tolle

1 June, 2011Does God want us to have Free Will? Does God need us to suffer? 688

Neale Donald Walsch

1 June, 2011Does God want us to have Free Will? Does God need us to suffer? 2400

Neale Donald Walsch

30 June, 2011Discovering and Living as in-flow-mation2602
6 June, 2011Disclosure, Cosmic Connections and the 5th Dimensional Plane of Peace9256
19 June, 2011Dad Wisdom: Life lessons from my dad460

Cheryl Richardson

19 June, 2011Create Through Enhanced Energies Q&A1191

Goddess Light

19 June, 2011Create Through Enhanced Energies2812

Goddess Light

26 June, 2011Converging as Infinite Time4369
18 June, 2011Choose a little more love each day, in every way...457

Ann Albers

6 June, 2011Are You Catching Other People's Emotions?5391

Dr. Judith Orloff

7 June, 2011A Light Epidemic Is Sweeping The Heart4464

Ronna Herman Vezane

25 June, 2011A Large Diamond In The First Stages Of The Cutting Process: July's Partial Solar Eclipse3275

Lynda Hill

19 June, 201110 Things I Have Learned in Life632

David R. Hamilton PhD

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