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1 June, 2011Energy Forecast - Transformation Upgrade4854

Emmanuel Dagher

18 June, 2011Never Give Up On Life's Dream5145

Neale Donald Walsch

21 June, 2011Summer Solstice 2011 5170

Sarah-Jane Grace

6 June, 2011Are You Catching Other People's Emotions?5390

Dr. Judith Orloff

12 June, 2011Unclench Your Teeth5398


1 June, 2011Prophecies and Predictions 5567

The Peaceful Planet

5 June, 2011June's Transformational Eclipse Cycle5633

Center of the Sun

18 June, 2011The Solstice Energies5857
30 June, 2011The Difference Between Lust and Love 5869

Dr. Judith Orloff

22 June, 2011June 21 Solstice, Solar Flare and Halo CME 6036

Dana Mrkich

18 June, 2011Solstice Empowerment June 21, 20116082

Shanta Gabriel

5 June, 2011Surrender & Allow6294

Goddess Light

6 June, 2011Listen To Your Inner Wisdom6403

Michelle Coutant

13 June, 2011Healing the Military Energies in our family tree6555

Kryon (South Africa)

15 June, 2011The New Earth Energies June 20116744

Starchild Global

28 June, 2011July 2011 Energy Update: True Identity within Infinite Time7103
11 June, 2011The Journey of Unconditional Love7117

The Love Foundation

7 June, 2011The Paradigm of Purposeful PLAY7118

Lauren C. Gorgo

10 June, 2011Eckhart on Finding Balance7430

Eckhart Tolle

20 June, 2011Meditation for the June Solstice 20117551

Starchild Global

14 June, 2011Tips for Riding the Full Moon - Full Lunar Eclipse Energy7670
1 June, 2011June 2011 Monthly Visions: Activating your 'Missing' Vibration 8019

Dana Mrkich

6 June, 2011Disclosure, Cosmic Connections and the 5th Dimensional Plane of Peace9248
23 June, 2011One Eclipse Left...and counting9976

Lauren C. Gorgo

29 June, 2011The Process of Ascension10058

Ronna Herman Vezane

17 June, 2011Last Michelle Coutant's Message12304

Michelle Coutant

7 June, 2011New Earth Rising: Mastering Time and Embracing the Energy of Love & Support13053

Starchild Global

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