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8 July, 2011Gaia the Great! 493

Owen Waters

14 July, 2011Gaia's Message for July 20115974

The Peaceful Planet

2 July, 2011Happy Fourth of July!457

Ann Albers

16 July, 2011Heaven #3886 Let Us Not Forget Your Heart2149


21 July, 2011Heaven #3891 How to Lead the World2032


23 July, 2011Honoring Who You Are2912

Sonia Barrett

4 July, 2011Housework: Finding joy in routine tasks906

Cheryl Richardson

29 July, 2011How Being an Optimist Might Lower Your Risk of a Stroke682

David R. Hamilton PhD

25 July, 2011How to Know if You're an Empath6244

Dr. Judith Orloff

6 July, 2011Inside The Heart of God - Inner and Outer as ONE2238

Circle of Light

14 July, 2011Intuition Training: How To Listen To Your Body 4746

Dr. Judith Orloff

7 July, 2011Jack and the Golden Light4133

Dana Mrkich

6 July, 2011July 2011 Energy Forecast: Elevation of the Extremes 563

Lee Harris

1 July, 2011July 2011 Monthly Visions: You are your New (True) Self – Act Accordingly! 7486

Dana Mrkich

16 July, 2011Let Your Light Shine594

Karen Downing

4 July, 2011Liberation into Spiritual Abundance3900

Center of the Sun

1 July, 2011Looking Through the Peephole Into Eternity2669

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

11 July, 2011LOVE takes the Lead: the return of feminine power 6243

Lauren C. Gorgo

19 July, 2011Making a U-Turn Into a Place Of Reconnection2607

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

19 July, 2011Mass Dreams of the Future6386

Owen Waters

1 July, 2011Monthly Forecasts for July 20114620

Sarah-Jane Grace

18 July, 2011Moving Beyond the Light 3242

Sarah-Jane Grace

1 July, 2011New Earth Rising : The Solar Eclipse of July 1st8292

Starchild Global

24 July, 2011Orienting to the 5th World of Peace6250
24 July, 2011Overthrowing The Old And Bringing In A New Order: July's Leo New Moon3569

Lynda Hill

1 July, 2011Playing the Earth Game Without a Care4623

Sarah Biermann

27 July, 2011Political and Global Upheavals are All About You!319

Brenda Hoffman

23 July, 2011Receiving4038

Ann Albers

24 July, 2011Revealed at last: What God Wants! 3180

Neale Donald Walsch

17 July, 2011Saints Alive!2608

Owen Waters

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