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1 May, 2012Liberating the Physical Template of the New Human 6876
15 May, 2012Learning to Look Up!3660


20 May, 2012Integrating Your Masculine & Feminine3475

Goddess Light

29 May, 2012How to Protect Your Energy4089

Dr. Judith Orloff

15 May, 2012How Many Energy Waves Will You Ride?319

Brenda Hoffman

2 May, 2012How did you manifest that? Bad things do happen to good people!765

Becky Walsh

19 May, 2012Heaven Sent 4113

Sarah-Jane Grace

13 May, 2012Heaven #4188 The Key to Relationships2865


12 May, 2012Heaven #4187 How Beautiful Is the World God Has Made1788


11 May, 2012Heaven #4186 Know Yourself as Beloved2123


7 May, 2012Heart Markers1993

Circle of Light

12 May, 2012Guilty Schmilty3165


2 May, 2012Go Aerial Not Serial - Releasing the Old and Manifesting the New4055

Sarah Biermann

13 May, 2012Gaining Intuitive Insights 189

Owen Waters

13 May, 2012Gaining Intuitive Insights3150

Owen Waters

27 May, 2012First Impressions Are Intuitive 201

Owen Waters

2 May, 2012Finding One's Position, Place and Personal Power: May's Scorpio Full Moon4702

Lynda Hill

5 May, 2012Even The Prickly Folks Eventually Blossom!2406

Ann Albers

2 May, 2012Energy Report for May 20125257

Kate Spreckley

1 May, 2012Energy Forecast - The New Earth10839

Emmanuel Dagher

17 May, 2012Eclipses and Venus Retrograde...Power On!347

Kara Schallock

19 May, 2012Divine Remembrance3298

Neale Donald Walsch

12 May, 2012Disappearing 'Revenge'2405

Neale Donald Walsch

16 May, 2012Cosmic Weather Report May 2012: Atlantean Anxiety and more6049

Sarah Biermann

2 May, 2012Connecting with The Blessings of Wesak Season 5488


25 May, 2012Changing Your Concept of Yourself 7069

Wayne W. Dyer

22 May, 2012Beyond The Solar Eclipse466

Brenda Hoffman

7 May, 2012Being an Empath: Shifting a Curse Into a Blessing!3515

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

14 May, 2012Beauty & Light Amplified: the Venus Transit7134
26 May, 2012Beating Anxiety, Overcoming Fear 571

Becky Walsh

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