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3 February, 2013Pure, Unconditional Love!2760

Goddess Light

8 February, 2013Planting A Seed Of Consciousness2761

Sarah-Jane Grace

24 February, 2013Weekly Forecast: February 24 - March 2, 20132772

Karmic Tools

1 February, 2013Creating Unity in All Aspects of Life2872

Shanta Gabriel

25 February, 2013The Steps Of The Dance: February's Virgo Full Moon2967

Lynda Hill

2 February, 2013The Pathway of Reflecting and Choosing To Make Meaning2989
22 February, 2013Being in the Now Moment3130

Karen Downing

2 February, 2013Patience Begins With Yourself3168

Ann Albers

17 February, 2013Activating Your DNA3177

Goddess Light

5 February, 2013So What Color is Your Inner Self Now?3215

Brenda Hoffman

19 February, 2013Blasted Out of Our Comfort Zone, The Matrix and Commitment3281

Kara Schallock

24 February, 2013The Akashic Wisdom Keepers on Karma3283

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

15 February, 2013The Aware Heart: Part Two3434

Sarah Biermann

19 February, 2013Asteroids, Meteors, Birth and Death3461

Dana Mrkich

9 February, 2013February 2013 Monthly Visions: Truth vs Theatre3550

Dana Mrkich

17 February, 2013Overcome Obstacles: Navigate Around Roadblocks First3585

Cheryl Richardson

8 February, 2013Nothing Can Stand Before the Power of Love But Love Itself3733

Circle of Light

15 February, 2013Smile Your Way Home ~ Harmonizing the Fabric of Time3744


10 February, 2013A Time for Change: Support for the Birth Process3877

Cheryl Richardson

10 February, 2013Insights and Observations in 20133954

Center of the Sun

19 February, 2013You’re Not a Child Asking for an Allowance3968

Brenda Hoffman

11 February, 2013Is your Inner Commentary Twisting your Hose?3995

Dana Mrkich

10 February, 2013The Loonies Are Loose4015

Owen Waters

14 February, 2013Love as a Shadow Dance: The Soul Mate as Villain4081

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

8 February, 2013A Tale of Two Fathers4093

Alan Cohen

5 February, 2013Energy Report for February 20134254

Spirit Pathways

25 February, 2013Learning to Sing Your Song4270
6 February, 2013How to Intuitively Make Smart Decisions4280

Dr. Judith Orloff

14 February, 2013Love Relationships4312

Pamela Kribbe

25 February, 2013Collective Conditioning and the Mechanics of Reality 4682

Sonia Barrett

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