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26 February, 2013Feeling Ill? There’s a Reason8561

Brenda Hoffman

9 February, 2013February 2013 Monthly Visions: Truth vs Theatre3550

Dana Mrkich

3 February, 2013February 2013 Energy Forecast5100

Lee Harris

1 February, 2013Energy Update for February 2013: Map of the New Reality5486
5 February, 2013Energy Report for February 20134253

Spirit Pathways

5 February, 2013Energy Forecast - The Completion of Old Agreements11301

Emmanuel Dagher

5 February, 2013Empath & Highly Sensitive People (HSP) Update for February, 20137693

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

15 February, 2013Don’t Look Down241

Neale Donald Walsch

16 February, 2013Don't Keep Misery Company, Be the Light2429

Ann Albers

6 February, 2013Divine Spiral, Integrity, Choices & Power Chakra 5583

Kara Schallock

22 February, 2013Developing Your Clairvoyance6884

Jim Self

3 February, 2013Destiny is Variable1928

Owen Waters

25 February, 2013Debbie Ford: Finding The Light in The Darkness855

Cheryl Richardson

1 February, 2013Creating Unity in All Aspects of Life2872

Shanta Gabriel

3 February, 2013Cosmic Weather – February 2013, Monthly Snapshot2745

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

26 February, 2013Coming UnDone at the Seems2626

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

25 February, 2013Collective Conditioning and the Mechanics of Reality 4682

Sonia Barrett

12 February, 2013Ceremonies Don’t Create Lightworkers – You Do2368

Brenda Hoffman

19 February, 2013Blasted Out of Our Comfort Zone, The Matrix and Commitment3280

Kara Schallock

22 February, 2013Being in the Now Moment3130

Karen Downing

22 February, 2013Awakening Your Ability To Channel5646

Pamela Kribbe

19 February, 2013Asteroids, Meteors, Birth and Death3461

Dana Mrkich

19 February, 2013Appreciate The Good Things In Your Life 6688

Lorna Byrne

12 February, 2013Angelic Help With The Shifting Energies8978

Diana Cooper

26 February, 2013Allowing Abundance6230

Pamela Kribbe

9 February, 2013All Are Seeking Love2307

Ann Albers

17 February, 2013Activating Your DNA3177

Goddess Light

10 February, 2013A Time for Change: Support for the Birth Process3877

Cheryl Richardson

8 February, 2013A Tale of Two Fathers4093

Alan Cohen

14 February, 2013A Simple Strategy For Deflecting Negative Emotion5543

David R. Hamilton PhD

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