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25 October, 2014Healing Solar Flares 680

Dana Mrkich

1 October, 2014The Ascension1292

Oakbridge University

2 October, 2014Thank You Thursday: Competition1312

Hillis Pugh

30 October, 2014Thank You Thursday: Appearance and Expression1333

Hillis Pugh

8 October, 2014Thank You Thursday: Power and Love1512

Hillis Pugh

31 October, 2014The Antidote to Fear1751

Circle of Light

30 October, 2014Weekly LightBlast: Give and Take1815

Jamye Price

12 October, 2014Outer And Inner Purpose1945

Eckhart Tolle

23 October, 2014Weekly LightBlast: Cohabitating1967

Jamye Price

13 October, 2014Heavenletter #5071 A Rose in Eternal Bloom2021


2 October, 2014How the Heart Sees the World2068

Circle of Light

2 October, 2014Weekly LightBlast: Opening To Change2072

Jamye Price

9 October, 2014Weekly LightBlast: Creating2177

Jamye Price

5 October, 2014Why You Chose this Life2244

Goddess Light

6 October, 2014Your Segments are Creating Fun Chaos2308

Brenda Hoffman

1 October, 2014Identity Theft2312

Alan Cohen

11 October, 2014Connection Is Key2462


18 October, 2014Energy Is In Motion 2643

Ann Albers

24 October, 2014Wings2735

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

11 October, 2014Help Is Always There 2743

Ann Albers

2 October, 2014Libra 2014 Lunar/Solar Guidance 2744

Karmic Tools

20 October, 2014Weekly Forecast: October 19 - 25, 20142754

Karmic Tools

20 October, 2014Tourists On A Bus Observing Our Lives: October's Partial Solar Eclipse2762

Lynda Hill

16 October, 2014Weekly LightBlast: Freedom Bound2784

Jamye Price

5 October, 2014The Joy of a Soul Connection2846

Owen Waters

20 October, 2014Bank Your Love Energies?2887

Brenda Hoffman

31 October, 2014Do Not Allow Another’s Perception To Splatter Mud On Your Joy2899

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

6 October, 2014A Letter To Every ‘Checked Out’ Healthcare Provider2963

Cheryl Richardson

5 October, 2014Weekly Forecast: October 5 - 11, 20142968

Karmic Tools

19 October, 2014Inspiration for the Week - Gratitude Opens the Door2970

Shanta Gabriel

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