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24 September, 20142014 Last Quarter New Earth Ascension Symptoms DNA Purification Gateway14695

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

2 September, 2014Energy Forecast - All In11965

Emmanuel Dagher

12 September, 2014Money and Spirituality9503

Emmanuel Dagher

1 September, 2014September 2014 Astro-Energy Report6560

Sarah Varcas

18 September, 2014The Equinox and More 5712

Kara Schallock

3 September, 2014A Powerful Influx of Multidimensional Light5678

Kara Schallock

1 September, 2014Monthly Astro-Forecasts September 20145670

Sarah-Jane Grace

25 September, 2014'September Speed Pulses' paving the way for a vast energy of OPENING in October 5620

Lee Harris

15 September, 2014Hologram of the Heart 5607


8 September, 2014Cosmic Weather – Full Moon Report for 9.8.145340

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

8 September, 2014Prepare for the New Ahead of Equinox 20145249


24 September, 2014Cosmic Weather - New Moon Report, 9.24.145204

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

12 September, 2014Solar Flares Anonymous! 5061

Dana Mrkich

18 September, 2014Ascension Into A New State of Being: September's Libran New Moon On The Super Galactic Center5055

Lynda Hill

5 September, 2014The Energies of September 20144974

Jamye Price

12 September, 2014Soul Transitions Vibe Report September 20144693

Nancy Leilah Ward

9 September, 2014Creation Cycles – From Earth to Beyond4613

Brenda Hoffman

8 September, 2014Sensory Overwhelm4283

Dana Mrkich

15 September, 2014Your Role is to Prove New Earth is Reality4121

Brenda Hoffman

2 September, 2014September 2014 Energy Forecast - Turn left at Distress and head toward the Light-Body 4115

Lee Harris

7 September, 2014Your Love Is Needed Now!4086

Era of Peace

27 September, 2014What Do You Wish to Create with the Power that is Yours?4029
29 September, 2014The Sunlit Zone 3963

Dana Mrkich

8 September, 2014Rising Phoenix-Like From The Ashes Of The Past: September's Piscean Full Moon3944

Lynda Hill

15 September, 2014If You Want To Heal Anything, You’ll Have To Do This3891

Cheryl Richardson

24 September, 2014Your Beginning in this Life Assures a New Creation3841
24 September, 2014Becoming the New You3726


4 September, 2014Virgo 2014 Lunar/Solar Guidance 3575

Karmic Tools

1 September, 2014The Illusion of Fear3426

Ronna Herman Vezane

2 September, 2014The Divine Feminine – No Woman Left Behind3392

Cat RunningElk

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