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12 May, 2015Starseed Ascension Symptoms: Why Am I Here? What is My purpose Now?17299

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

8 May, 2015Sacred Order of the Magdalene2718

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

8 May, 2015Rising in Love Instead of Falling in Love1503

Circle of Light

1 May, 2015Remember What’s Important1450

Alan Cohen

22 May, 2015Photosynthesis and the Blended Human2508

Shanta Gabriel

26 May, 2015Opening The Seven Seals of God-Consciousness4331

Ronna Herman Vezane

25 May, 2015No More Expected Patterns3047

Brenda Hoffman

15 May, 2015Mucis from Home ~ The Rhythms of Life2064


1 May, 2015Monthly Astro-Forecasts May 20154050

Sarah-Jane Grace

12 May, 2015Mercury Shenanigans and Support2414

Dana Mrkich

3 May, 2015May Day/Scorpio Full Moon: Feminine Healing for All 2534

Dana Mrkich

18 May, 2015MAY 2015: *TAURUS* Gate of Power 2150

Karmic Tools

4 May, 2015May 2015 Energy Forecast - Authenticity, Ancestral Clearing and Collective Stress2201

Lee Harris

1 May, 2015May 2015 Astro-Energy Report3458

Sarah Varcas

7 May, 2015Interesting Timeline Shift on 05-05-20154398

Jamye Price

17 May, 2015Inspiration for the Week - You are a Radiant Spirit of Light 1583

Shanta Gabriel

11 May, 2015Inspiration for the Week - The Means to Fulfill Your Desires1850

Shanta Gabriel

31 May, 2015Inspiration for the Week - Reclaiming Your Power2282

Shanta Gabriel

3 May, 2015Inspiration for the Week - Receiving More Clarity in Life 2161

Shanta Gabriel

25 May, 2015Inspiration for the Week - Making Great Choices for Your Life 1578

Shanta Gabriel

27 May, 2015I Am The Light of Quan Yin2227

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

15 May, 2015Hope, Believe, Know 1658

Neale Donald Walsch

1 May, 2015Honoring The Mother1090

Oakbridge University

7 May, 2015Helper’s High1432

David R. Hamilton PhD

12 May, 2015Heavenletter #5313 Earthquake in Kathmandu1716


29 May, 2015Heavenletter #5298 Catch a Star1101


20 May, 2015Heavenletter #5290 Why Create Polarity When You Can Create Peace744


9 May, 2015Heavenletter #5279 A Mass Initiation of Love1180


20 May, 2015Gems of this Mercury Retrograde: 5 Ways You Can Benefit3015


21 May, 2015Expansion of Love From The Divine Feminine1424

Era of Peace

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