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29 August, 2015Supermoon in Pisces - Psychic Senses awakened4317

Kari Samuels

26 August, 2015Super Full Moon Tips - Bridging Worlds3604


16 August, 2015Stepping Out of Your Prison3406

Brenda Hoffman

1 August, 2015Somebody Needs the Wood2052

Alan Cohen

4 August, 2015Seeing Yourself More Clearly1687
15 August, 2015Remembering Your Tone3499


19 August, 2015Opening Alignment with Your Divinity2108

Goddess Light

11 August, 2015Noticing the Gaps: The Fourth State of Consciousness2918

Eckhart Tolle

4 August, 2015New Adventures - August 201510905

Emmanuel Dagher

12 August, 2015Mother Mary and UFOs5834

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

1 August, 2015Monthly Astro-Forecasts August 20151955

Sarah-Jane Grace

14 August, 2015Messages, News, Breakthroughs, Ascension2866

Lynda Hill

6 August, 2015Love, Wisdom and Power854

The Love Foundation

22 August, 2015Love Shifts1523

Ann Albers

8 August, 2015Love Is Trying To Emerge From All Things1071

Ann Albers

5 August, 2015Lion's Gate 6061

Kara Schallock

31 August, 2015Lilith, Venus, Full Moon and more! 2748

Dana Mrkich

24 August, 2015Inspiration for the Week - The Meaning of Divine Timing 2504

Shanta Gabriel

9 August, 2015Inspiration for the Week - The Lifestream of Pure Consciousness 2430

Shanta Gabriel

2 August, 2015Inspiration for the Week - The Appearance of Disharmony 1733

Shanta Gabriel

16 August, 2015Inspiration for the Week - Praise for Your Path in Life1576

Shanta Gabriel

30 August, 2015Inspiration for the Week - Giving Yourself Time to Receive1892

Shanta Gabriel

1 August, 2015In the Footsteps of Lazarus (Jeshua)1379

Circle of Light

24 August, 2015If I Hadn’t Listened, I Would Have Missed This2239

Cheryl Richardson

26 August, 2015Heavenletter #5389 The Keeper of Truth882


23 August, 2015Heavenletter #5386 Happiness Is a Gentle Stream of Loving Yourself1069


16 August, 2015Heavenletter #5379 Light a Flame That Brightens the World1210


11 August, 2015Heavenletter #5374 Let No Offense Be Taken1531


5 August, 2015Heavenletter #5368 The Past Meets the Present1502


13 August, 2015Healing at August 14 New Moon 3618


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