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10 January, 2016Communicating With Spirit6306


10 January, 20162016: The Year of Completion and Transition5237

Starchild Global

23 January, 2016Quantum Patterning5212


4 January, 2016New Frequencies are Waiting3877

Brenda Hoffman

5 January, 2016Energy Report - 2016 Year of the Soul3790

Spirit Pathways

15 January, 2016A New Balance Between Spirit and Human3533


14 January, 2016Energy Update for Mid-January 20163461


7 January, 2016Prepare for January 9 New Moon3167


22 January, 2016Mercury Direct: A Second Beginning To The New Year3020

Dana Mrkich

1 January, 2016The Keepers: First Commentary on 20162815

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

15 January, 20162016 and All Her Gifts2780

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

5 January, 2016January 2016 Energy Forecast: Be Bold2772

Lee Harris

28 January, 2016Choosing a Soulful Life2600
26 January, 2016A Watershed Year for Relationships2559


4 January, 2016Be Your Best Self in 20162533


20 January, 2016All of Life is in Divine Order2516

Kara Schallock

24 January, 2016Assumptions2499


11 January, 2016Earth Dreams Require Dedicated Self-love2468

Brenda Hoffman

27 January, 2016Integrated Knowledge Becomes Wisdom2365

Ronna Herman Vezane

14 January, 2016The Ascension of the Soul2346

Sonia Barrett

1 January, 2016The Energies of January 20162244

Jamye Price

16 January, 2016Release Dense Energy2240

Ann Albers

1 January, 2016Yearly Astro-Forecast For 20162232

Sarah-Jane Grace

25 January, 2016Inspiration for the Week - Accepting Your Incredible Differences 2119

Shanta Gabriel

4 January, 2016The New Now2105

Kara Schallock

8 January, 20162016 Energy: Consciousness in Action2103

Dana Mrkich

13 January, 2016David Bowie: A Tribute to a Visionary Starman2083

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

25 January, 2016You’re Earth-based in This Life2043

Brenda Hoffman

18 January, 2016Claim Yourself!2015

Brenda Hoffman

4 January, 2016January's Capricorn New Moon 2009

Lynda Hill

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