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30 June, 2016July's Cancerian New Moon 2250

Lynda Hill

3 June, 2016June 2016 Ascension Energies2822

Jamye Price

8 June, 2016June 2016 – April 2017: Eris Conjunct Uranus2235

Sarah Varcas

8 June, 2016June 2016: Pluto Trining the Jupiter / North Node Conjunction2249

Sarah Varcas

14 June, 2016June's Full Moon In Sagittarius2899

Lynda Hill

27 June, 2016Launching Your Superhuman Self1362

Sonia Barrett

13 June, 2016Learning to be Sovereign1425

Brenda Hoffman

1 June, 2016Monthly Astro-Forecasts June 20162531

Sarah-Jane Grace

24 June, 2016Moving Forward with Compassion 2013


8 June, 2016Moving Into Interdimensional Consciousness2496

Oakbridge University

28 June, 2016Our Earth Journey963

Harold W. Becker

24 June, 2016Our Planet's Future Depends On Your Individual Spiritual Journey1394

Neale Donald Walsch

8 June, 2016Pineal Gland Stargate Third Eye4321

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

24 June, 2016Relationships1641

Neale Donald Walsch

20 June, 2016Rest – You’ve Achieved Your Gold Medal2029

Brenda Hoffman

17 June, 2016Right Relationship With the Ego1232

Leonard Jacobson

10 June, 2016Should We 'Rock the Boat'?1021

Neale Donald Walsch

24 June, 2016Spiritual Bypassing or Avoidance4783

Eckhart Tolle

7 June, 2016Spiritual Trendsetters950

Owen Waters

24 June, 2016Step Into the Unknown2206

Tony Samara

10 June, 2016Surrendering and Flowing to What Is2077

Kara Schallock

16 June, 2016Thank You Thursday: Divine Balance438

Hillis Pugh

29 June, 2016The Cross of Life1802

Jeshua Channelings

17 June, 2016The Emerald Codes and the Return to the Garden of Creativity3067

Starchild Global

15 June, 2016The Energy of Gemini Duels With Itself921

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

11 June, 2016The Fundamental Fractal3807


17 June, 2016The Great Invitation1457
30 June, 2016The Law of Attraction2289

Ronna Herman Vezane

15 June, 2016The Learning Process of the Soul1849

Jeshua Channelings

10 June, 2016The Nebulous Pattern In-Between Dimensions1906

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

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