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24 June, 2016Spiritual Bypassing or Avoidance4792

Eckhart Tolle

8 June, 2016Pineal Gland Stargate Third Eye4326

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

21 June, 2016 Update for Planet Earth ~ Overview for Lightworkers4293


11 June, 2016The Fundamental Fractal3808


16 June, 2016Ignite your intuition - Full Moon in Sagittarius3253

Kari Samuels

17 June, 2016The Emerald Codes and the Return to the Garden of Creativity3069

Starchild Global

14 June, 2016June's Full Moon In Sagittarius2899

Lynda Hill

3 June, 20164th/5th June 2016: New Moon in Gemini2837

Sarah Varcas

3 June, 2016June 2016 Ascension Energies2824

Jamye Price

1 June, 20161st June 2016: Eris2786

Sarah Varcas

13 June, 201613th June – 20th November 2016: Neptune Retrograde in Pisces2678

Sarah Varcas

9 June, 2016House of Mirrors - Tips for Clarity in Unsettling Times2653


3 June, 2016Diamond Emerald Heart : The New Human Emerges2566

Starchild Global

1 June, 2016Monthly Astro-Forecasts June 20162531

Sarah-Jane Grace

8 June, 2016Moving Into Interdimensional Consciousness2496

Oakbridge University

16 June, 2016Everything You Started and Not Finished Is Holding a Great Light2419

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

30 June, 2016July 2016 Navigation Tips 2386


30 June, 2016The Law of Attraction2296

Ronna Herman Vezane

30 June, 2016July's Cancerian New Moon 2250

Lynda Hill

8 June, 2016June 2016: Pluto Trining the Jupiter / North Node Conjunction2249

Sarah Varcas

21 June, 2016The Soulstice Full Moon Gateway 2241

Kara Schallock

8 June, 2016June 2016 – April 2017: Eris Conjunct Uranus2237

Sarah Varcas

24 June, 2016Step Into the Unknown2206

Tony Samara

2 June, 2016Everything is Coming Up Angels2151

Shanta Gabriel

5 June, 2016Your Akashic Records2092

Goddess Light

10 June, 2016Surrendering and Flowing to What Is2077

Kara Schallock

7 June, 2016Enough of Fear Clearing Already!2068

Brenda Hoffman

27 June, 2016You Crossed the New You Rubicon2065

Brenda Hoffman

20 June, 2016Rest – You’ve Achieved Your Gold Medal2029

Brenda Hoffman

6 June, 2016Courage 2015

Sarah-Jane Grace

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