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1 August, 2019Awesome August Is Here!965

Kari Samuels

18 August, 2019 Cosmic Harmonics: Ultra-High Frequency Photonic Symphonics970

Lisa Transcendence Brown

26 August, 2019Who Are the Teachers of Light, Part 1999

Jim Self

9 August, 2019Cosmic Doorway999

Spirit Pathways

4 August, 2019Infinity & the Lion’s Gate1043

Goddess Light

7 August, 2019All the Good Things in Our Lives.1058

Lorna Byrne

8 August, 20198:8 Lions Gate1059

Spirit Pathways

13 August, 2019Self-Suppression in Women1064

Jeshua Channelings

31 August, 2019Hello September - Important Steps to Take Now 1150


12 August, 2019Find Your Safe Place Within1151

Brenda Hoffman

1 August, 2019Monthly Astro-Forecasts August 20191163

Sarah-Jane Grace

8 August, 20198-8-8 The Lion’s Gate of Love1177

Kari Samuels

30 August, 2019Our Supernova Phase: Old Stars Are Dying, New Stars Will Birth a New World1180

Dana Mrkich

2 August, 2019Turn up your Light!1197

Dana Mrkich

10 August, 2019Freeing Ourselves from the Matrix1225

Dana Mrkich

1 August, 2019Riding the Wave - Navigating August Energies1256


20 August, 2019Love And Relationships In A New Light1273

Kari Samuels

5 August, 2019August 2019 Energy Report1326

Jennifer Hoffman

20 August, 2019The Boldness of Authenticity; A Life Beyond Choices1379

Ailia Mira

31 August, 2019A Season of Romance – September 2019 Energy Forecast1459

Emmanuel Dagher

1 August, 2019Entering a New Phase - August 2019 Energy Update 1464

Lee Harris

19 August, 2019Do You Believe You’re 3D or 5D?1606

Brenda Hoffman

26 August, 2019September 2019 Ascension Energies – Infinite Self1622

Jamye Price

12 August, 201915th August 2019: Full Moon in 23rd Degree of Aquarius - The Magic Is Us1689

Sarah Varcas

14 August, 2019Trust Yourself1693

Jeshua Channelings

1 August, 2019Season of Light – August 2019 Energy Forecast1761

Emmanuel Dagher

17 August, 2019The Old Movie is Ending1784

Dana Mrkich

15 August, 2019Timeline Choice Window Starting August 151823

Sarah Biermann

24 August, 2019Beacons of Light September 2019: Focus1836

Steve Rother

27 August, 2019Language of Light Multidimensional Communication for the New Divine Human2027

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

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