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5 September, 2019September 2019 Energy Report2211

Jennifer Hoffman

10 September, 201914 September 2019 Full Moon - The Dance of Courageous Surrender2077

Sarah Varcas

1 September, 2019The Journey of the Soul1977

Ronna Herman Vezane

19 September, 2019Forks in the Road and New Foundations1960

Dana Mrkich

28 September, 2019Beacons of Light October 2019: Fourth Wave1867

Steve Rother

24 September, 2019 28th September 2019: New moon in Libra - Completing the Puzzle1748

Sarah Varcas

16 September, 2019Feeling or Acting Odd?1725

Brenda Hoffman

27 September, 2019October 2019 Ascension Energies - Creative Love1716

Jamye Price

3 September, 2019Authentic Power Paradigm Shift - September 2019 Energy Update 1685

Lee Harris

12 September, 2019A Monumental Victory!1642

Era of Peace

10 September, 2019Realizing the "Deep I"1607

Eckhart Tolle

30 September, 20192020 Preparation1547

Brenda Hoffman

30 September, 2019Monthly Astro-Forecasts October 20191535

Sarah-Jane Grace

18 September, 2019The Refinement of Your Energy System 1530

Shanta Gabriel

9 September, 2019Angel Number 999 – Pure Magic1350

Kari Samuels

18 September, 2019Saturn Goes Direct1337

Kari Samuels

9 September, 20193D Doesn’t Know There’s a Within1252

Brenda Hoffman

2 September, 2019Pushing Your Security Rock Aside1217

Brenda Hoffman

23 September, 2019Are You a World Whack-a-Mole Caretaker?1207

Brenda Hoffman

15 September, 2019The Central Sun1169

Goddess Light

1 September, 2019Monthly Astro-Forecasts September 20191149

Sarah-Jane Grace

24 September, 2019Less Struggle, More Joy1141

Ailia Mira

17 September, 2019If Your Path Feels Unclear…1115

Kari Samuels

23 September, 2019 Equinox Blessings1091

Lisa Transcendence Brown

18 September, 2019Discovering the Fullness of Life1054

Eckhart Tolle

16 September, 2019Weekly Forecast: September 15 – 21, 20191025

Karmic Tools

16 September, 2019Soul-satisfying Synchronicities995

Ann Albers

23 September, 2019Equinox: Birth, Death & Rebirth965

Spirit Pathways

17 September, 2019Why Many Archangels and Masters Appear as Male933

Jim Self

10 September, 2019Bring Light Into Grief - Loss and Impermanence928


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