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10 April, 2019Humanities Crystalline Blueprint High Fairy & Sylphs Realms2559

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

27 April, 2019Beacons of Light May 2019: The Opening Doors2341

Steve Rother

29 April, 2019God In A Box2083


30 April, 2019Magical Breakthroughs – May 2019 Energy Forecast1869

Emmanuel Dagher

24 April, 2019Claim Your Truth Now1555

Jennifer Hoffman

1 April, 2019April 2019 Energy Report1552

Jennifer Hoffman

1 April, 2019The Evolution Of The Soul1539

Ronna Herman Vezane

22 April, 2019Our New Universal Reports1483

Brenda Hoffman

24 April, 2019A Step Backward1460

Jeshua Channelings

18 April, 2019The Spiral Function1418

Jamye Price

2 April, 2019 3D/4D: Massive Purification Processes - 5D+: New Callings/Assignments1327

Lisa Transcendence Brown

17 April, 20195 Steps of Creative Manifestation1296

Jennifer Hoffman

8 April, 2019The Springtime of Your Soul1223

Brenda Hoffman

12 April, 2019What's going on in our world?1206

Neale Donald Walsch

1 April, 2019April 2019 Energy Update1179

Lee Harris

7 April, 2019Inspiration for the Week - Let Go of Fear & Be Led by the Angels of Light1173

Shanta Gabriel

13 April, 2019Whine or Create?1167

Brenda Hoffman

29 April, 2019May 2019 Ascension Energies – Becoming Change1147

Jamye Price

10 April, 2019 The Fall of Unconsciousness and the Rising/Returning to Full Consciousness1137

Lisa Transcendence Brown

7 April, 2019Weekly Forecast: April 7 – 13, 20191126

Karmic Tools

30 April, 2019 New Earth Re-Incarnation: Rebirthing Through Your Current Physical Body Form1125

Lisa Transcendence Brown

13 April, 2019Got Guidance? Yes!1125

Ann Albers

20 April, 2019A Glimpse of You - From Vast, Non-Physical Consciousness1116

Ailia Mira

22 April, 2019You Have Been Gifted1112

Jim Self

17 April, 2019Notre-Dame Fire and Humanity - Symbol of Goodness and Light 1087


15 April, 2019Weekly Forecast: April 14 – 20, 20191087

Karmic Tools

7 April, 2019The Vibration of Abundance1079

Goddess Light

1 April, 2019Master Every Moment?995

Jim Self

26 April, 2019God and Hell: What's the Truth?991

Neale Donald Walsch

21 April, 2019Weekly Forecast: April 21 – 27, 2019894

Karmic Tools

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