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26 August, 2021 A Higher State of Consciousness, What Does It Mean?463

Sonia Barrett

26 August, 2021 Beacons of Light, September 2021: A Look Ahead 1451

Steve Rother

7 August, 2021 Coming to Our Senses772

Ann Albers

11 August, 2021 Intense Point of Integration810

Spirit Pathways

20 August, 202122nd August 2021: Blue Moon in 30th Degree of Aquarius1516

Sarah Varcas

1 August, 2021A Bridge of Light Through the Lion’s Gate568

Goddess Light

5 August, 2021An Opportunity for Cosmic Forgiveness629

Era of Peace

29 August, 2021Are You Here?313

Cheryl Richardson

2 August, 2021Auditioning Your New Acting Company Members728

Brenda Hoffman

3 August, 2021August 2021 Energy Report1447

Jennifer Hoffman

27 August, 2021Be Willing to Sit with Truth784

Kate Spreckley

15 August, 2021Becoming Expanded Consciousness358

Goddess Light

5 August, 2021Choose to Courageously Step Forward739

Spirit Pathways

25 August, 2021Coming Discoveries1633


8 August, 2021Connect With Your Deepest Essence487

Owen Waters

23 August, 2021Crossroads861

Nancy Leilah Ward

17 August, 2021Decision Remorse - Be Willing to Change Your Mind614


3 August, 2021Discern What is Worthy511

Spirit Pathways

5 August, 2021Discovering Magical Life695

Ailia Mira

15 August, 2021Don’t Let Your Thoughts Disturb You403

Cheryl Richardson

23 August, 2021Elevation & Expansion574

Spirit Pathways

23 August, 2021Everyone Now of Earth Is an Earth Angel1151

Brenda Hoffman

1 August, 2021Feed Yourself Well444

Cheryl Richardson

1 August, 2021Fine-Tuning Your Spiritual Awareness1109

Ronna Herman Vezane

10 August, 2021Focus on What Needs to Be Cleared474

Spirit Pathways

20 August, 2021Full Moon974

Spirit Pathways

7 August, 2021Healing the Brokenness776

Oakbridge University

3 August, 2021Here's the thing...738

Ailia Mira

16 August, 2021Honesty is the New Social Game958

Brenda Hoffman

16 August, 2021Honour Your Process454

Spirit Pathways

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