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31 August, 2022September 2022 Ascension Energies – Balance 731

Jamye Price

29 August, 2022Weekly Forecast: August 28 – September 3, 2022503

Karmic Tools

29 August, 2022Who Do You Want to Be Today?827

Brenda Hoffman

28 August, 2022A Glimpse of the Future613

Owen Waters

27 August, 2022Aligning With a Fast Flow673

Ann Albers

27 August, 2022Seeding the Fields of Pure Potential424

Shanta Gabriel

27 August, 2022New Moon in Virgo - Nourish Your Body and Soul514

Kari Samuels

25 August, 2022I Got Lost in My Unused Life890

Sarah-Jane Grace

24 August, 2022The Bridge702

Nancy Leilah Ward

24 August, 2022The Father and I Are One458

Oakbridge University

22 August, 2022New You on Steroids1067

Brenda Hoffman

22 August, 2022You Have Set a Template in Place566

Jim Self

21 August, 2022Merging Your Timeline Frequency515

Goddess Light

21 August, 2022Look up!235

Cheryl Richardson

21 August, 2022Weekly Forecast: August 21 – 27, 2022541

Karmic Tools

20 August, 2022Good Everywhere!475

Ann Albers

20 August, 2022The Last Lazy Days of Summer252

Cheryl Richardson

20 August, 2022August 2022 Monthly Visions: Solar Flares and Flashes1065

Dana Mrkich

20 August, 2022Turn up the heat! Mars in Gemini512

Kari Samuels

18 August, 2022Allow Yourself to Be Lifted626

Ailia Mira

16 August, 2022The Energy of Unconditional Love810

Jeshua Channelings

16 August, 2022Sedna and the Saturn/Neptune Conjunction – February 2026859

Sarah Varcas

15 August, 2022It’s Playtime!1009

Brenda Hoffman

14 August, 2022Here’s What to Expect534

Cheryl Richardson

13 August, 2022No Pressure... 631

Ann Albers

12 August, 2022Weekly Forecast: August 14 – 20, 2022950

Karmic Tools

11 August, 2022This Supermoon Sets You Free956

Kari Samuels

9 August, 2022The Healing Power & Magic of Affirmations392

Dr. Judith Orloff

9 August, 2022The Catnip Caper357

Cheryl Richardson

8 August, 2022New Is in the Air1197

Brenda Hoffman

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