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4 August, 2018 Are you a Control Freak?953
13 January, 2018 Treasure Your Life1327
10 February, 2018 What on earth is going on... on earth!2242
24 November, 2018A Happy Honest Holiday!439
22 December, 2018A Love Beyond Limits723
24 February, 2018A Prayer For The Lost1301
22 April, 2018Angel Apps? Really!865
20 October, 2018Are You Asking Your Angels?977
17 February, 2018Are you Grabbing the Remote?1138
1 December, 2018Are You in a Balanced Flow?741
27 October, 2018Are You True To You?685
11 August, 2018Bringing Order into Chaos1025
8 September, 2018Choices, Choices....821
29 December, 2018Creating Your New Year Now!773
16 June, 2018Divine Love Allows...839
28 July, 2018Do You Choose Your News?863
23 June, 2018Don't Close Your Heart...964
30 June, 2018Emotions & Your Inner Compass1033
3 March, 2018False fear...1315
27 January, 2018Focus, Feeling, & FUN!967
7 April, 2018Gardening in the Soil of the Soul814
3 February, 2018Go with your Flow!1014
25 August, 2018Guidance - Are you Listening?1041
15 December, 2018Happy Holiday Thoughts497
31 March, 2018Jesus, Amma, & Resurrecting Love846
19 May, 2018Love it till it comes!1105
2 June, 2018Loving When Other's Don't1076
17 March, 2018Luck O' the Divine35
15 September, 2018Melting into God...852
7 July, 2018Melting into Oneness641