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20 December, 2017Be Gentle With You1453
7 December, 2017Where Your Abundance Truly Lies1968
1 December, 2017Accessing The Earth's Memory Seed Atom Crystals1751
1 November, 2017The Ecstasy of Sacred Love1901
27 October, 2017The Triple Gateway Initiation2713
20 October, 2017Allowing the Greatness That is You1092
1 October, 2017Seeking Peace From Within1778
20 September, 2017Your Mind Can Be Open, Radiant and Stabilize Your Life1200
13 September, 2017Using Imagination to Expand Your Flow1364
8 September, 2017A Channeled Message from Archangel Michael1907
7 September, 2017Creating A "New Empowered You"1780
7 September, 2017Empowering A Life of Ease1223
25 August, 2017The Generosity of You, Being You1647
2 August, 2017Empowering the Easy Way1202
1 August, 2017Perfecting Your Skills As A Co-Creator2003
5 July, 20172017 Shift: Grounding of the Higher Consciousness Unified Field4885
1 July, 2017Are you Ready For Liberation?2416
31 May, 2017Relationships and Your Sacred Union2411
1 May, 2017The Physical Vessel: A Wondrous Sacred Creation 2588
1 April, 2017The Next Level of Spiritual Awareness2607
19 March, 2017March Equinox 2017: The New Beginning and the "Empty Space"2954
1 March, 2017Are You A Starseed Wayshower?2095
14 February, 2017Access Expanded Capacities through Your Eternal Consciousness1818
6 January, 2017An Invitation for this New Now2415
1 January, 2017A Vision For The Future2839