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20 December, 20072008 - The New Energy6927
9 December, 20072007/2008 Transition4128
4 December, 2007The energy of friendship1949
6 November, 2007Do it anyway!1737
1 November, 2007Living the Impossible Dream ~ The Rebirth Process2219
21 October, 2007The Eight Shifts of Enlightenment Part 24118
20 October, 2007The Eight Shifts of Enlightenment Part 15272
2 October, 2007The energy of wealth5039
4 September, 2007Your relationship with your mother3715
1 September, 2007The History of Humanity2626
19 August, 2007Lightworker's Handbook Lesson Five: The System Part 2 - Understanding Who You Are2218
18 August, 2007Lightworker's Handbook Lesson Four: The System Part 1 - Understanding Who You Are2405
7 August, 2007Magical Carpet Ride1732
28 July, 2007LIghtworker's Handbook Lesson Two: Understanding Your Duality2554
7 July, 2007LIghtworker's Handbook Lesson One: Discovering Your Spirituality2358
3 July, 2007Connecting to the Triple Sevens1623
17 June, 2007Physics and Science2309
16 June, 2007LIghtworker's Handbook Lesson Three: Esoteric to the max2230
20 May, 2007Kryon in Moscow - All about God1753
18 May, 2007The Energy of The Flower Of Life3128
12 May, 2007Seven Commonly Asked Questions804
8 May, 2007Live Your Life1517
31 March, 2007"Connect with your genius"628
10 March, 2007How God works with Humanity1055
2 March, 2007Kryon at the United Nations 2007960
15 February, 2007Love is in the air777
27 January, 2007Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine3464
7 January, 2007Viewing the Other Side of the Veil1540