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24 February, 2014Pioneering, Pathways and Portals: The Piscean New Moon787
20 October, 2014Tourists On A Bus Observing Our Lives: October's Partial Solar Eclipse2762
28 April, 2014Trusting Providence and Taking Life a Day at a Time: The Taurus Solar Eclipse2859
18 November, 2014Reunions, Reruns and Running The Race: November's Sagittarian New Moon2962
26 January, 2014Silent Moments and New Inspiration and Rewriting The Stories: The Aquarian New Moon3048
11 January, 2014Concentration, Co-Operation, Containment And January's Cancerian Full Moon3237
13 September, 2014Riding The Waves: The Current Planetary Movements 3261
11 March, 2014Enjoying The Fruits Of Our Labors And Stopping To Smell The Roses: The Virgo Full Moon 3360
25 August, 2014Guardian Angels And Articles Of Faith: August's Virgo New Moon3369
6 November, 2014Standing Strong And Keeping Your Hat On: November's Full Moon In Taurus3401
5 December, 2014Learning And Sharing: December's Gemini Full Moon 20143411
24 May, 2014Breaking Through The Barricades: May's Gemini New Moon 3452
7 June, 2014Finding A Safe, Secure Place To Land: June's Sagittarian Full Moon 3502
10 April, 2014Navigating The Straits: April's Libran Total Lunar Eclipse 3722
20 July, 2014Finding And Acknowledging Our Trophies: July's Leo New Moon 3812
8 September, 2014Rising Phoenix-Like From The Ashes Of The Past: September's Piscean Full Moon3944
4 October, 2014Mercury Retrograde And Issues Of Repairing And Rebuilding: October's Very Meaningful Total Lunar Eclipse 4091
11 July, 2014Running The Race Alone Or With Others: July's Capricorn Full Moon4158
9 May, 2014Prophesying Or Pontificating: May's Scorpio Full Moon 4283
18 September, 2014Ascension Into A New State of Being: September's Libran New Moon On The Super Galactic Center5055
26 June, 2014Feathering Our Nests: June's Cancerian New Moon 20145089
27 March, 2014Rewriting The Old Paradigms: The Aries New Moon 7133