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23 December, 2015The Full Moon Of Christmas Day 4085
11 December, 2015December's Sagittarian New Moon 2237
24 November, 2015Cupid's Knocking On The Gemini Full Moon 2701
8 November, 2015November's Scorpio New Moon 1832
2 November, 2015Venus And Mars Pairing Up In Virgo1242
23 October, 2015The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow: October's Taurus Full Moon 2232
25 September, 2015An Ascension In Consciousness: September's Total Lunar Eclipse And The Super Galactic Center2907
12 September, 2015Teamwork, Trials, Tests And Trickery: September's Partial Solar Eclipse2142
29 August, 2015Trust In God, But Row Away From The Rocks: The Piscean Full Moon2323
14 August, 2015Messages, News, Breakthroughs, Ascension2866
23 July, 2015Beautifully Gowned Wax Figures While Venus Retrogrades: The Aquarian Full Moon3584
12 July, 2015Relationships, Renewals, Reversals And Retrogrades: July's Cancerian New Moon 3725
30 June, 2015Traversing The Super Galactic Center: July's Cancerian Full Moon 2098
1 June, 2015Here's To Raising The Standard And Saluting A New Dawn: June's Sagittarian Full Moon 2629
14 May, 2015A Promise Of A Renewal And A Revival Of Life And Love: May's New Moon In Taurus3562
30 April, 2015Opening Lines Of Communication: May's Transformative Scorpio Full Moon 3230
13 April, 2015Tuning In To The Music Of The Spheres: April's Aries New Moon2393
2 April, 2015Breaking Through Obsolete Patterns: April's Total Lunar Eclipse5445
15 March, 2015Being Specific And Ready For New Horizons: The Pisces Solar Eclipse On The Equinox4305
2 March, 2015Declaring Our Independence And Making A Stand: The Virgo Full Moon 20152631
16 February, 2015The End Of Civilization As We Know It: The New Moon On The Cusp Of The Aquarian Age7313
2 February, 2015Finding Your Groove In Amongst It All: February's Leo Full Moon 2336
18 January, 2015Finding, Building And Living Our Mission: January's Aquarius New Moon2679
3 January, 2015Releasing The Unnecessary And Feeling Gratitude: January's Cancer Full Moon3124