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4 May, 2021One Step at a Time414
31 May, 2021Healing & Shifting Consciousness434
6 May, 2021Renewal of Life472
3 May, 2021The Dust is Settling488
18 May, 2021Power of the Heart493
10 May, 2021Rest to Integrate499
12 May, 2021Energies Are Merging501
13 May, 2021Knowledge Is Power533
7 May, 2021Make Room for New Possibilities600
20 May, 2021What Is Key to Forward Progress?610
11 May, 2021New Moon627
27 May, 2021Pay Close Attention686
14 May, 2021A Positive Difference738
19 May, 2021A Different Approach Is Required744
25 May, 2021Uncomfortable Tensions752
28 May, 2021Mercury Retrograde826
17 May, 2021Another Cycle of Deep Inner Transformation831
21 May, 2021Determining the Shape of Your Life841
5 May, 20215.5.5 Portal1025