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1 January, 2021The Invitation640
4 January, 2021Breathe into the New405
5 January, 2021Balance Your Life362
6 January, 2021Era of Pure Potential406
7 January, 2021Balance That Is Equal in Power502
8 January, 2021Energised from Above and Below517
11 January, 2021Clash of the Old & New585
12 January, 2021Questioning Everything463
13 January, 2021New Moon January 2021823
14 January, 2021Be in the Moment766
18 January, 2021Decidedly on Track526
19 January, 2021Hold the Vision of a Better Future402
21 January, 2021In Sync with the Universe566
22 January, 2021Balanced Sovereignty653
25 January, 2021Find Peace Within420
26 January, 2021Sacrifice What Prevents You Moving Forward460
27 January, 2021No Need to Rush530
28 January, 2021Full Moon622
29 January, 2021Mercury Retrograde617