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Kate Spreckley

This is an incredible time of healing and inner work as we move towards accepting change, releasing the old and embracing where we are now. While our consciousness continues to awaken and expand old beliefs...

Shanta Gabriel

The word that most stands out for me in this message is Beacon. It makes me think of the importance of Beacon Lights as signals in the world, such as the lighthouse that protects ships from wreckage on the rocks.

Sonia Barrett

Higher states of consciousness involve gradual shifts beyond thoughts and reactions that are the true anchors to lower frequency fields in this 3d experience.

Kate Spreckley

There is a delicate balance between being in the flow and taking action. Currently, we are urged to be in this space between the two which will enable us to see clearly where to focus our energy and where to pull back.

Owen Waters

Owen Waters > Connect With Your Deepest Essence

Your normal state of consciousness is in constant motion as you experience life in all its ever-changing forms. However, behind that consciousness-in-motion is the ground state of unmoving, singular awareness.

Kate Spreckley

Spirit Pathways > Provoking Change

We are moving through a time of cleansing and renewal as the energy of the Earth increases and expands affecting all of life within the planet. As a result, everything that can be challenged is being challenged and every facet of life on Earth is being compelled to change.

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > The Kingdoms Within

Today the angels share a beautiful perspective about how we are sovereign over the kingdoms within – how our choices affect the health, happiness, and well-being of our soul, and our cells! I love it! I'll never look at my body the same again.

Nancy Leilah Ward

Nancy Leilah Ward > Crossroads

We are at a crossroads, but it isn’t just four possible directions, it is a crossroads of many probable timelines going in many different directions. We need to feel into the timeline that we wish to immerse ourselves in, navigating from our hearts, with our intuition.

Kate Spreckley

We are still in this mystical space between the old and the new which requires a profound willingness to let go of the past and any attachments we have to future outcomes. Currently, we are being urged to dive deeply into this space...

Brenda Hoffman

Many of you recently experienced numerous emotional ups and downs. Emotional upheavals that were once an accepted part of your 3D world. Now, the least little blip on your comfort screen creates panic.


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