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Carolyn Ann O'Riley > Magic Scissors

Hold on My Beloveds as the speed knob is not even close to the fast forward mode yet. All, within the Heavenly Light Realms are very aware of your pressure points and how it is affecting the Earth Plane occupants. Please know that all is in Perfect and Divine Order and right on track.

My Beloveds your guidance is all around you. Your Guardian Angels are standing right behind you in each moment. Ask them for a physical sign to help you recognize very clearly their presence in your life. My Beloveds when you ask, you need to be open to allow however that communication will manifest itself. Don’t put expectations or limitations on how that communication will look or be perceived, just know without a shadow of a doubt that your Angels will be communicating with you. They need your permission.

Greetings and Welcome! My Beautiful Beings of Light. The spiraling energy waves keep on intensifying in the Divine NOW. These moments have been within the Master Blue Print for eons and eons. They are right on schedule, and you My Beloved Divine Light Beings are right on target, exactly where you should be in Divine and Perfect order, right where you are.

Carolyn Ann O'Riley > You Are Ever Flowing

My Divine Beings of Grace you are learning and remembering in each moment. This evolutionary process brings with it a need to daily clear and release all of the old programing along with the belief systems that no longer apply to or support your highest good. Your Angels and Spirit Guides will be delighted to assist you in daily clearing and re-qualifying all this energy debris. Simply ask your Angels and Spirit Guides to assist you in clearing each day by saying something like this “Please Clear Me NOW, thank you, and so it is”.

The Creator and your Spiritual Families are sending you a Spiritual Hug. Simply close your eyes and feel their presence right there with you, hugging you so closely. Each of you are so very special and loved beyond measure. Spiritual Families, you ask, who are they? Allow this Messenger to Bring you some remembrances of HOME.

The easiest way My Beloveds to keep yourselves clear of debris is to call in your Angels and Spirit Guides and ask for their assistance. Simply invite them in (mentally or verbally just ask for your Angels and Spirit Guides presence) and say to them “Please Clear Me NOW, Thank You, And So It Is”.

Carolyn Ann O'Riley > Kite Flying

You have done much clearing and that is as it should be. Clearing is a forever on-going project as you are constantly under construction and evolving My Beloveds. The Creator is sending you each down a Royal Purple Etheric Light Shawl to drape around your shoulders. This My Beautiful Beings of Grace is to remind you of the You That You Really Are.

Much of your work My Beautiful Beings of Grace is done while you are sleeping. Many are receiving data packet downloads of keys and codes that will be opened in the future. Most of this download data is transferred to you during your sleep state. Perhaps you might be vaguely aware of these downloads but normally they do not disrupt your sleep.

My Beloveds there are all kinds of alignments that are coming to fruition. There is much buzz about this timeline and what it signifies.  The truth of the matter My Beautiful Beings of Grace, you asked to be here. You stood in line to volunteer to come. In your volunteering you asked to witness all that is transpiring not just specific dates and time lines. You even  glimpsed, before accepting this incarnation assignment,  the agenda and saw partial pictures of what is to be before ever materializing into this physical form.

Welcome! My Beautiful Beings of Light. Another mile marker has passed for those on the Earth Plane with many more to come. My Beloveds these mile markers, if you will, are the bread crumbs you left for yourselves to following that are showing you who you are and your way back HOME.

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