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The Creator sends you Blessings and All the Love that you could ever want for. Feel the Love vortex building now around you like a cocoon. Close your eyes and allow that sensation, that higher Vibrational feeling of Love to just wash over you and continue wave after wave until you deem it enough for the moment.  My Beloveds you can start that Love flow again at any time by simply closing your eyes and re-calling the Loving feeling.  

Carolyn Ann O'Riley > Tick Tock

Welcome! Welcome! My Beautiful Beings of Light to the special edition message for 2011 and BEYONDDDDDDDDDDDDD. My Beautiful Beings of Grace isn’t it wonderful that this sign post of 2012 keeps popping up. My Beloveds, it kind of smacks of the Y2K bug where everyone was determined that the world would not go into the year 2000 and the computers of the world would no longer operate.  Remember that one?

Carolyn Ann O'Riley > Leaving the Lights on for You

Greetings! & Welcome! My Beautiful Beings Of Light to the Monthly Message gathering. It is always so wonderful to see each of you as you read the latest message. Bet you thought no Light Being noticed? The Light Realms hold the deepest feelings of gratitude an honor you on your dedication for checking in to read the messages from HOME. It brings joy and delights all the way down to the tiniest Cherub to know you remember to read and remember HOME.

My Beloveds each of you made an appointment with yourselves before you incarnated to read this message today. (note: today is whatever moment in NOW you are reading it) That is just a small specific fact about the minute detail that you each wrote in your pre-incarnation contracts before descending into the world of matter on Planet Earth once again.

You have seen climate changes, earth changes and all manner of natural disruptions. These are all part of the Creator’s Master Blue Print My Beloveds. All is in perfect and Divine Order. All that are here at this moment in NOW agreed to participate My Divine Light Beings in this Earth Plane Play. Your combined vision of Pristine Peace was very much in the forefront when The Creator first drafted the Master Blue Print. All that are within the Earth Plane at this very moment reviewed the Master Blue Print prior to incarnating and agreed to follow the Divine Script My Beloveds.

Along with The Creator’s Unconditional Love that is normally sent, The Creator has provided a series of gemstones to join the Diamonds, Roses, Crystal and Candle Flame located there in your Etheric Spiritual Heart Charka. You will notice that these gemstones are cut into the shape of hearts. My Beloveds close your eyes and stretch out your etheric right hand. The Creator has provided for you today a heart shaped Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby and Amethyst. In your spiritual imagination see these heart shaped jewels and simply in your spiritual imagination place them into your Etheric Spiritual Heart Charka.

The Creator has gifted you within this moment in NOW with an etheric crystal rose that will be placed in your Heart Chakra with your permission. Close your eyes and if you sense it appropriate, allow this Messenger to place this etheric crystal rose within your Heart Chakra. It carries a beautiful LOVE frequency from HOME that will serve as a reminder that you are not this human form but a brilliant Being of Light far more powerful than you currently remember possible.

The Creator sends you love. Close your eyes and feel the vortex of Creator’s Love swirl around you from head to toe. Just allowing this wondrous Love gift to be with you for as long as it is desired My Beloveds. You are all so loved, so cherished and adored. If you feel the necessity with the acceptance of this gift for tears of joy, let them flow. This Love is very powerful and cannot be felt anywhere else on this Earth Plane accept in your own inner awareness of who you are and where you really are from.

Carolyn Ann O'Riley > Up Up & Away

The Creator beams you down a ray of Golden Light to wrap around your shoulders. Just sit with it for a while. The more you can transmute stress using this wonderful golden beam the less stress your physical body will have to endure. This is a wonderful etheric golden beam that can be placed upon an etheric spiritual coat hanger for safe keeping and reused as needed within your spiritual imagination to assist your body to dispel harmful stress hormones.

Carolyn Ann O'Riley > Push Pause

Greeting and Salutations My Beautiful Beings of Light. Smile and be in gratitude, My Beloveds these are the moments that you all came to witness. Your “time” as you perceive it is speeding up. As you sense it speed up into what can almost be felt as warp speed your vibrations go higher and higher. You are evolving on so many levels, it is amazing to watch.

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