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The Creator has gifted each one of you with Divine Grace. Close your eyes, share that Divine Grace, which The Creator has so loving provided for you. In your imagination see this beautiful Divine Grace as a fluid gold color. It is being poured from an etheric golden pitcher into your energy fields My Beloveds by The Creator.

My Glorious Divine Light Angels there are no Oscars and Awards handed out for best actor/actress or best supporting actor/actress roles for this Earth Plane Production of the “final days” while still here. There is no competition and the interesting news is, these are not the “final days”. Those predicting these moments in NOW simply didn’t know any other way to describe what they saw in their visions.

Carolyn Ann O'Riley > The Shawl of Ever Lasting Love

Greetings and Salutations My Beautiful Beings of Light.  Your blazing gleam is blasting through the Omniverse at break neck speeds. Breathe, My Beautiful Divine Light Beings, Breathe this is not a race, everyone will reach their specific destination. You are so glorious My Beloveds your energies never fail to delight The Creator and this Messenger. Your work and efforts are always amazing and consistently on track.

Carolyn Ann O'Riley > Connecting The Grid

Greetings! Greetings! Greetings! My Beautiful Beings of Light, we meet again do we not? What a joy it is for this Messenger to come and visit with you each month. Thank you for the opportunity to be of Service. The Creator sends Unconditional Love and Joy to each of you. Close your eyes and allow this beautiful gift to touch every part of your Being.

Carolyn Ann O'Riley > Stress & Your Spiritual Thermometer

he Creator sends you Love Waves to wrap around yourselves. Imagine this Love Wave as a  etheric luxurious Creator’s Pink Fuzzy Robe Gift that you put on and relax in. Close your eyes and just feel the softness of the robe material, smell the rose scent embedded into the fabric, feel the weight of the garment as you put it around your shoulders. Sense and feel the Love that The Creator has imbued within this robe, just for you. Allow this Creator’s gift to sooth you on all levels of your Essence. Remember this gift and enjoy it. Wear it whenever you need a lift of spirit.

Carolyn Ann O'Riley > Into The Desert

Greetings & Salutations My Beautiful Beings Of Light. Time is vastly speeding up as you are acutely aware. Your inner grace, healing and well being are really going to deeply require each of you to go within daily to unwind and de-stress.

Carolyn Ann O'Riley > The Bracelet

The Creator has sent you an etheric gift My Beloveds. This is an etheric bracelet of rose pink quarts with the center stone being a diamond. Wear your etheric bracelet daily on your left wrist. Close your eyes to accept this etheric gift My Divine Beings Of Grace. It is imbued with the highest Love that you have ever known in your “entire” life (which includes your life between lives).

Greetings and Salutations My Beautiful Beings Of Light. Welcome to the monthly message. It is always so wonderful to see each one of you click on the latest message to read.

Greetings and Salutations My Beautiful Beings of Light. What a pleasure to have you stop by this month. You are always welcome to visit often. The Creator has sent a special gift for you. Place your right hand on your heart chakra and feel the presence of an etheric spiritual sparkling diamond.

Greetings! and Warmest of Salutations! to you My Beautiful Beings Of Light. These moments are intensifying and you My Weary Divine Travelers are in need of rest and a Spiritual HUG. Take this time to close your eyes and just allow yourselves to feel this Messenger and The Creator join together to encircle you with a Divine Spiritual HUG.

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