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Cheryl Richardson > To the Women I Love

I stood in line signing books and talking with guests. After more than an hour, I greeted the last woman in line with a warm smile. I knew from experience that those in the most pain would often wait until the end. 

Cheryl Richardson > Let Me Call You Sweetheart

It wasn’t just a few things that happened all at once. It was many things. Email went down. Someone at the door repeatedly ringing the bell. An important call that needed to be answered to avoid getting lost in “automated menu"...

Cheryl Richardson > The Culmination of a Career

From the moment the thump, thump, thump of the background music started, I could feel a stirring in my stomach. As the beat grew stronger, the energy followed, moving up my spine and landing in my chest.

Cheryl Richardson > Which Door Will You Choose?

For more than two years I’ve glanced at an armoire in my office and thought to myself, I have got to clean that thing out. It’s a tall, three-door cabinet from France that I bought as a gift to myself when I decided to...

Cheryl Richardson > Don’t Give Up

I posted something from Moms Demand Action on my Instagram account, inviting followers to make their voices and choices heard. Not long after, a couple of readers who have followed my work for a while started arguing back and forth...

Cheryl Richardson > Time for a Change

Summer has arrived in spring and it’s expected to soar past ninety degrees again today. As I walked around the newly planted deck garden this morning, I looked for signs of life after yesterday’s heat.

This is the time of year when the birds are full of song, the turkeys are doing their mating dance in the backyard, and the wind carries the scent of lilacs and apple blossoms through the kitchen window. 

Cheryl Richardson > The Birth of Something Good

All week long I’ve felt the rumblings of anxiety in my system. As hard as it is sometimes, I welcome it in. I want to be a safe place for messy feelings to rise and release in their own time.

Cheryl Richardson > You Are Beautiful

I woke at sunrise to find translucent clouds of puffy air drifting over steel blue water before vanishing in the rising light. On the days when I find mist floating above the reservoir behind our home I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 

Cheryl Richardson > Holding Hands

The wind picked up as the soft, amber light of the setting sun cast a warm glow over the boardwalk. As we headed toward the beach, I watched our shadows moving in lockstep before us.

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