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Cheryl Richardson > A Little Bit of Just the Right Thing

I reached into our silverware drawer for a teaspoon and noticed that pretty much all of the forks, knives, and spoons looked tarnished and worn. A few years before, I had purchased a variety of...

Cheryl Richardson > When Little Things Matter

I was vacuuming near our Christmas tree when I bumped a branch and a pine needle punctured the tip of my thumb. It hurt for a brief moment but then I ignored it and continued vacuuming.

Cheryl Richardson > An Old New Year!

The wind howled and the rain flew sideways battering the windows with its fury. The storm began in the early morning hours and by suppertime, the birdbath and all the bowls I normally fill with...

Cheryl Richardson > A Gentle, Loving New Year

Stop and think deeply about this question. What would it mean to love yourself more in 2023? What would you like to change? Do more of? Less of? 

Cheryl Richardson > A Special Treat for You

Last night our home was filled with howling laughter, catch-up conversations, Christmas carols, holiday gifts strewn across floors, tissue paper and ribbon, and family-favorite food placed on tables just so.

Cheryl Richardson > Holiday Advice from a Snow Queen

I shuffled down the hallway in my new holiday pajamas – a birthday gift from my sister Lisa. Fleece-lined and crazy soft, they have the words, “Snow Queen” splashed across the chest...

Cheryl Richardson > Today I Am Grateful

This month I celebrate the memory of my dad who passed in 2016. When I sat down to write this week’s blog, I recalled a visit with him while in the hospital and was happy to discover that I captured the memory in a blog.

Cheryl Richardson > Divine Intervention

I slipped out of the hotel room firmly pulling the door handle behind me to be sure it locked. My husband Michael was sound asleep and I wanted to enjoy a little breakfast...

Cheryl Richardson > Give Me Some Space

Yesterday, when I went downstairs to work out in our basement, I discovered that my husband Michael had moved a large piece of equipment to another part of the room.

Cheryl Richardson > A Quick and Easy Way to Calm Down

This morning, as I sat down to write, I received an upsetting phone call that kicked my adrenal system into high gear. As soon as I felt the cortisol running through my veins...

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