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Circle of Light > 11-11-11 You are the Hologram Awakening to Yourself!

All the diversity of life that lives in this world is the diversity of God, waiting to be seen rightly and experienced through the heart. The beauty of this field of Love that is the shared heart of humanity and the consciousness of Love moving is now becoming available for each of you to joyously experience. The awakening of this comes on 11 11.

Oh, beloved ones, you are entering the time of the expanded life. You are moving beyond the perceptions of time and space. You are becoming universal citizens, participants in the wholeness of life. You become that which encompasses time, and in this, you are free. How can I explain to you the gifts of this freedom except to say that when your heart is the source of your experience of life, you are present to the whole of God right here, and in that presence the whole of eternity dwells easily able to encompass the experience of time while being fully alive in the gift of the birth of Creation now.

It sings across the web of time and plucks each strand of the consensual dream, lighting up from within every precious consciousness, until that which is the Earth becomes a star that shimmers through the hologram as a song of grace and says to All That Is, “Come see how far the Moment of Creation can travel to return to the perfect Love we are.”

Circle of Light > Being a Heart Instead of Having a Heart

God Now Calls Us to the Real Shift

Circle of Light > 100% Committed to the Celebration of Life

Beloved ones, it is time to celebrate your life. It is time to take joy in everything that you do. It is time to find the beauty right now in this moment, for I promise you, it is always there. It is time to turn your focus to the work of Love, for it is in loving that you transform everything that you acknowledge.

Circle of Light > Surrender to the Fiery Power of Love: The Countdown Is On!

Beloved ones, there is a flame that burns inside of you. It is the center of your being. It is the power of your heart. It is your part of the explosion that Creation is. It is dynamic, irresistible and catapults you into the most exquisite experience of all that life is.

Circle of Light > Right Before You, The World Can Change

The world that the heart reveals is the world of beauty, and the world that is around you is welcoming and ready to bring to you the experience of Real life that is already here. Everything is blazing with it. It awaits only the shift in your perception, beloved ones, to the instrument of your heart.

Circle of Light > Feeling the Resonance of Real Love Every Day

Beloved ones, how will it feel to love everyone perfectly? To meet every single being in the cathedral of the heart? To speak only the universal language of Love and to rise in the Light into the experience of unity in which you dance through Creation in communion with Me, fully available as the conduit of this Love in the midst of being the experience of God, the meta-dimensional expression of life and the pure heart of Love it is.

Circle of Light > Desire

Let Me fill you, beloved one, with this radiant Love that you might recognize yourself in this. As you feel this Love as the center of your being, then with your heart you understand that this is what you are made of. You understand that the persona that you experience in this world of ego is just the thinnest veneer, truly a skin that creates for you a space in which to interact with the rest of the Love that we share.

Circle of Light > I Am All You Need

If you allow Me now, I will activate your heart, that each of you might find yourself alive in Me, experiencing the life that I make and experiencing Love as the truth of your being. Then, your heart will walk with Me through everything that the world of the mind presents and you will be free, for I will feed you from this Love and your heart will free you to live in this abundance that never ends

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