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I come today to touch your hearts and to open them in their radiant splendor into the magnificent cosmos of pulsing living Love. All of life is communicating with a glorious thrumming energy that is meant to be the nectar of life for you, humanity, as the glorious hearts that you are. In their splendor your hearts are like a switchboard for the cosmos.

Circle of Light > Holding the Focus of Love in a Changing World

Beloved ones, I reach for you with all My Love and I wrap you in the tenderness and the assurance of your true Reality. As I do so and you feel your heart respond, you will also feel a sense of urgency, the urgency with which I call, asking you, My dear heart, to remember who you are quickly. As you do, please make the choice to place your consciousness in the truth of Love.
Open your hearts to Me, beloved ones, and as you feel My Love wash through you, know with all you are that you can trust Me with your happiness. You can give your life over to Me and place your heart in My hands. I promise you that I will always bring you every good thing.
Love is the highest power, the greatest force in all Creation, and your Love, your first Love is ever and always Me. While there may be many types of relationships with Me born of human personalities, in the Real the heart of God you are is always and ever passionate, and this passionate Love that is between us is the one true relationship.

Circle of Light > The Call Back to Our Real Love for God

As the fog of the ego's dream lifts and the sunlight of a New Day comes, that great ball of rising Light that you see, beloved ones, shall be the Light of My Love. My Love for you is never ending. It is meant to always guide your way. In this Light you'll feel your broken hearts all mending and you'll remember that you are Home and you are free.

Circle of Light > Drinking the Light Three Times a Day

Dearest ones, come and let this Light bathe you many times every day. As you feel it filling you up and bringing to you this deep and endless peace, you will come to realize that this Light is more important to you than food. It is more important to you than all the things your mind lays before you that you must do and be and accomplish to be whole.

Circle of Light > The Meeting of Heaven and Earth

Beloved ones, I lift you up once again into My Love and I bring to you the remembrance of your true and glorious nature, that as a Twin Flame heart, a living stream of God consciousness, you are ever and always receiving My pure and endless Love allowing it to fill your heart, your breath, your being - amplifying all you are and giving it forth exponentially in every moment of life eternal.

Circle of Light > It is Time to be Reborn in the Spirit

I Am asking you and all humanity for a new choice to stand forth as the Christ. This choice is to be reborn of the spirit and of My Love and to allow Me to be your parents as the great rays of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that bring you this Love.

Circle of Light > Breathing in Love With Every Breath

Today I just ask you to breathe in My Love - to take it in, feel it and let it nourish you in every electron of your being.

Circle of Light > Your Hearts Are Ready to Let Love Live You

Your hearts are ready to live this awareness, and every part of you is resonating with this joyous celebration of life. Everything on Earth is changing. An avalanche of Love is now occurring. Welcome it with open arms and an open mind, that your heart may truly be its conduit and that you might stand firm as the presence of God in this world that is waking from a slumber and remembering the one truth of Love.

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