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David R. Hamilton PhD > How You See Things

Someone once remarked that I was deluding myself. He said I saw the world through ‘rose-tinted spectacles.’ It was quite a few years ago, before I began writing books and speaking. 

David R. Hamilton PhD > Go Easy on Yourself

Times like these, which are mostly unexpected, fill our minds with lots of stuff. It can feel like things are swirling around in the mind and you just can’t grab hold of anything in particular...

I think most of us have had the experience that kindness feels good. Some people get a nice, warm feeling in their chest when they help someone. But kindness does more than this.

1. Be the Change. Yes, we’ve heard Gandhi’s immortalized words so many times before, but that’s because they are so true that people keep repeating it. It means to live by the principles that you want to see in others or in the world.

David R. Hamilton PhD > Dear Multiverse

The Earth is a pretty big place, the solar system even bigger. And beyond that are other stars with their own solar systems. In fact, if you tried to fly a typical passenger airplane to the nearest star...

David R. Hamilton PhD > Did You Know You’re a Chemist?

Yes, you are a chemist! As you think, you shape the chemistry of your brain and blood, you shape the chemistry of your relationships, and you also shape the chemistry of your life.

David R. Hamilton PhD > The Acceptance Paradox

Whatever you accept begins to change. That’s the acceptance paradox in a nutshell.

David R. Hamilton PhD > Kindness Dominos

Since I was very young I’ve had a strong belief that a small group of people with compassion and kindness in their hearts can change the world. Some of that I picked up just by watching my Mum.

I was asked what kindness is during an interview a few weeks ago. It’s something I’m rarely asked as most of us assume we know what kindness is.

David R. Hamilton PhD > How To Write a Book

There’s no correct way to write a book. I’ve been asked dozens of times about how to best write a book. If you ask 10 authors how they do it, you’ll get several different answers.

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