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Brenda Hoffman

Brenda Hoffman > New Is in the Air

Perhaps you are traveling or moving to a place you did not expect. Maybe it is a new romance or friendship. It does not matter for new is in the air. What was is no more. What is arriving is shifting...

Ronna Herman Vezane

Ronna Herman Vezane > Are You Ready to Take a Stand?

Many of you are well on your way to becoming cocreative masters of Light once more. It is imperative that you remember: an integral part of your mission on Earth is to share your wisdom with others...

Jennifer Hoffman

Jennifer Hoffman > August 2022 Energy Report

There are many powerful energy aspects in August, including the 8-8 Lion’s Gate Portal and the historic and rare conjunction between Mars, Uranus, and the North Node with Venus holding the wild card...

Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson > Bring on the Discomfort!

It was 6:30 am when the early light hit my eyes and I woke to another dog day of summer destined to reach 100 degrees. Challenging weather provides a wonderful opportunity to see...

Jim Self

Jim Self > Filling the Void

When you dismantle programming or a pattern, you have to create another pattern to fill that space – to replace it. Otherwise, you lose the symmetry that was already in play.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan > Sirius Rising

On the morn of July 22, in the ancient days, a powerful stellar alignment took place. The star Sirius rose before the Sun, this event is called a helical rising.

Dana Mrkich

This monthly message is being written later than usual and will be shorter than usual due to a series of unexpected circumstances, which is quite appropriate for the energies at hand.

David R. Hamilton PhD

The surprising answer to that question is yes … a lot of the time. Knowing full well that what they were taking were placebos instead of their normal medication, people have seen improvements in symptoms of...

Pamela Kribbe

Jeshua Channelings > Threads of the Soul

You are living through a time of transition, one that is not limited to the world around you, but also takes place within you. You are actively moving into your greater self. That self is not tied to time and space, but is free, unlimited, and able to spread its wings...

Ailia Mira

Ailia Mira > Integrating Your Multidimensional Identity

Even though there is evidence in our world, of how completely living forms can change, it’s truly hard to imagine and fathom all that is happening within us through ascension. But we can often feel into what is happening...


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