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I have been working with these Solfeggio Frequencies for some time now testing each and every one of them in all manners of healing. I have found these energies to be true and accurate creating an interdimensional healing space that we can all use.

This mercury retro may be one to remember as we all visit the top 100 past memory moments. Turning back the wheels of time to see important truths that we missed the first go round.

The powerful bull headed month of May has one heck of a cosmic line up planned may be too much for mere mortals. We are still interfacing and integrating the planetary line up that just happened, like a galactic acupuncture needle of knowledge.

This Easter opens another magical doorway of the Heart escorting us into a place that reveals ‘Hope’ for the Future and ‘Healing for the Past’. A place where all that is Light meets itself in a mirror image.

Archangel Michael has been a part of my life since the 80’s when I was lecturing in body mind spirit expos. He is a no nonsense angel with only an internal sense of humor which I have never seen externally.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan > Opening the Sun Portal

Spring is bossy and pushes her pretty way into every pore of our being. We feel a sense of expectancy as the need to birth another level of our inner-light kicks and prods at us from the inside out knocking on the windows of our soul.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan > The Less Than Codes

We stand at a point in-between what we believe to be possible and what we see in our world as conceivable. We hold tightly to the spiritual lifeline that dangles from the higher Light as we try over and over again to propel...

The word ‘want’ has a great power within its walls. We want peace, we want compensation, we want truth, and we want justice. The very energy of the word ‘want’ is a place of entrance and exit with timeless swinging doors.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan > The Vibration of Metatron

Energetically Metatron and the sacred geometry associated with him have been very animated and demanding as of late, I thought I would share a reminder of how this man became a Mighty Arch-Angel.

As the price of living zooms to the top of the roller coaster we get that sinking feeling in our tummy again as fear wells up in us like a gas station burrito. Our spidey senses can feel what lurks in the night trying...

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