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You may find yourself yearning for parts of your life’s past. Alternately, there are other parts of your life that you would undo from the face of the Earth if you could. Sure, you would keep the nice and exclude the hurtful, yet, in terms of life on Earth, who would you be then?

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #5347 Catch the Sun

Will you kindly remember that life offers much more than one of two choices? Please remember that tension is a decision you make, a path you choose, a rocky road with pitfalls that you practice on.

Heavenletters > Heaven #2912 Berry-Picking

When you go into the woods to pick berries, you know what berries you want to pick, and then you pick the ones that are ripe and ready to pick, so ripe and ready they almost fall into your hand.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2247 Love Loves

God said: It is not so much that you have to love someone. It’s just that you have to love. You have to love, not because it is virtuous, but because it is your very nature. Perhaps you have known a few people who just love. It is not that they package love for someone in particular and not someone else. It just is that they love. It isn’t even that they love everyone. It’s that they love, and in the process, all in the environs receive the love. All see it. All know it. All bask in the love. All perceive it. It feels very good to know that someone lives who loves. Someone lives who loves all spots on Earth. Someone lives who loves all peoples. It isn’t even that he thinks of them in this way or that. It’s just that he loves, just the way the sun shines. It shines. What more is there to say about it?

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #4852 The Myth of Cause and Effect

You can believe anything. You can believe that your Earth father’s vicissitudes can be visited upon you, or you can believe that you are born anew each day.

Just as you do not give yourself the true recognition of your great worth, you may close your eyes to areas of your life where you may need to wake up to, and to see from new eyes.

Through Whose Eyes are you looking now? You wonder how it happens that this question through Whose eyes you look can enter the equation?

Let go. Let go is what today tells you. When you hold on to the past, the accumulation holds you back. Stay alive in what is called the present.

You are obliged to answer to the immediacy of time and place that certainly exist for you as real, yet the physical is not real. All the ideas and performance of somewhere and some time are illusion. They seem to enter your life as they are on their way out.

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #5395 Have a Good Day

When you feel somber and perhaps deprived, this is a signal to be good to yourself. You are taking life too seriously. You are wearing black or dark gray. Find a happier color.

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