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Beloved, where are you going? What journey are you on? This time around for you isn’t likely your first time around, yet who knows and how significant is a question anyway? There are more meaningful matters than curiosity or stealth to account for.

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #6593 Friends Left by the Wayside

Beloved, you think of another long ago friend of yours from many long years ago. Your heart aches to talk to once more to this friend. You have no way of knowing if this long ago friend is still alive.

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #6589 Be the Light

Beloved, unto love, devote yourself. Even as you feel disappointed and heartsore, dedicate yourself to love. Remember love. When you are aware of anger – this awareness is a sham. This isn’t a semblance of truth.

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #6542 Call Goodness to Yourself

I don’t tell you anything new when I say that into each life some rain doth fall. You already know this well. Sometimes you don’t believe it, for instance, that even saints have days that seem unfair. There seems to be random pain.

Heavenletters > Begin #2318 An Artist of Love

God said: When you sail on love, everything is easy. Have you not experienced this? Have you not experienced the beautiful energy that love gives you? Peel a layer of love from your heart, the way you take a page of a daily calendar. Some layers have toughened. Simply remove them so you can get closer to the core of your heart. The deeper into love you go, the richer is your heart. The more of it you expose, the more you allow love to flourish. Remove the surface layers, beloveds, Open, open your heart. Take the old petals off the rose. Let the inner growth show. See it for yourself. Tender is your heart of love. This very tenderness is the strength of your heart. Toughness is not. Only tenderness is. Allow your heart to be what it is. It is vibrant. It is egoless. It takes no umbrage.

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #5924 Catch Yourself in Peace and Happiness

It can be said that everything is a blessing. There is good to come from everything, even when that seems improbable or impossible. Life does redeem itself. Think upward-moving thoughts. Think anew.

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #6340 Awaken to Your Own Merit

This isn’t self-centeredness – not at all. This is awareness. You have choices. Awaken to your own merit. Your own merit goes far beyond vanity. You might as well recognize the truth of yourself. Age and such are not the truth of you by a long shot.

Gloria Wendroff > Heavenletter #6019 Go Ahead, Fly High

It is not so much the time you spend. It is more about what you spend your time on. Is this true or not? You can speak up.

What is the purpose of questioning? Who proposes questions, and who answers them? What does it mean when someone mentions the tail of a comet?

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #6362 What Matters to You When the Sun Sets?

Beloved, what you say and what you mean are to be a matched set. Speak truth. Say what you mean or not say it. You are not to wiggle-waggle out of what you say. Be clear with yourself, and be clear with others.

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