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Circle of Light > 100% Committed to the Celebration of Life

Beloved ones, it is time to celebrate your life. It is time to take joy in everything that you do. It is time to find the beauty right now in this moment, for I promise you, it is always there. It is time to turn your focus to the work of Love, for it is in loving that you transform everything that you acknowledge.

Circle of Light > Accept Your Perfection From Me - A New Year’s Message

Beloved ones, as I look into My living wholeness, I see galaxies of life unfolding. I see the spark of every new idea dancing forth to cloak itself in colors of infinity. Swirls of the movement of life create themselves as new beginnings as in this moment of ongoing stillness, I Am reborn into the glory of life exploding forth as new possibilities unending.

You may find yourself yearning for parts of your life’s past. Alternately, there are other parts of your life that you would undo from the face of the Earth if you could. Sure, you would keep the nice and exclude the hurtful, yet, in terms of life on Earth, who would you be then?

Circle of Light > Do Not Limit Anything - Transformation, Reverence and Joy

You must trust this transformation by entering into the dance of Creation as it remembers joy - by reaching into your deepest eternal memory and relating to every atom of your being from there. Trust, beloved ones, that I Am in everything and that all life is fully conscious. The miasma of separation cannot reach into the core.

Beloved ones, as you already know, this is a pivotal time. It is the time for your awakening to awareness of what the world is, that you might be making fully conscious choices and thus creating the world of Love for which your hearts are longing. This world is a reflection, in essence, of what stands between you and Me.

Circle of Light > You Are My Prayer of Gratitude

Beloved ones, you are pure Love, open, endless and alive. You are pure joy in the experience of being one with life. You are also pure gratitude. It is the truth of your awareness of the gift of life, of relationship, of the miracle of this moment that is – this moment that contains your limitless freedom and contains your communion with All That Is.

Circle of Light > God’s Intimate Availability

Beloved ones, let yourself come into the silence and know that there is nothing that you have to do, that you can simply absorb this peace and this perfection - that when it is yours, you know it belongs to everyone. So be this peace beyond all understanding and sink into the music of your heart where you hear me now as I request from you the greatest work of your lives.

Circle of Light > Moving Beyond Words and Language

We stand upon the threshold of new forms of communication that are completely beyond your experience with language and words.

Circle of Light > The Surrender to Love

Beyond Where the Mind Can Take You

Heavenletters > Heavenletter #5347 Catch the Sun

Will you kindly remember that life offers much more than one of two choices? Please remember that tension is a decision you make, a path you choose, a rocky road with pitfalls that you practice on.

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