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Goddess Light > Expanded Alignment with Your Soul

This came at the perfect time!! We are all growing, expanding our perceptions of self and this gives up the opportunity to see ourselves as souls in a new way.

Goddess Light > Distractions & the Lunar Eclipse

This channel was so interesting in many ways……. I was at the beach with some friends but decided I could still do the meditation. It was also on the night of the Blood moon and Lunar Eclipse, so the energy was very strong.

Goddess Light > Yeshua & Your Ascension

You’ve chosen to live upon the earth, to be in this place of experiencing life in physicality. You have chosen in many ways to shield your consciousness from the full impact of your soul. You are also here at a time where there are shifting energies...

Goddess Light > Sananda & the Wesak Festival

You live upon the Earth during a time of transition.  You live upon the Earth during a time in which you are creating your own life, your own reality. However, in doing so it creates opportunities and potentials for the many, many other people that are also upon the Earth. 

Goddess Light > Open Flow to Your Universal Self

These last few months, the Goddess of Creation has been giving us the tools to be able to live in the higher vibration. Her focus is to help people look toward the future by moving into the higher frequency. 

Goddess Light > Manifest Balance with the Equinox

You create within your life and on a continuous basis as you move through your days. You are creating when you sleep at night. You are creating with your conscious awareness and your unconscious thoughts and beliefs.

Goddess Light > Expand Your Consciousness

In this year’s continued ascension process, this channel is about consciousness. The Goddess, once we get into the All That Is begins to talk about consciousness and what it means to each person.

Goddess Light > Meeting Your Universal Self

As we continue to move forward in our lives, we will work with the aspect of ourselves from the universe.  We as a soul are massive!! Our energy is spread throughout our planet, the universe, and into the omniverse. 

Goddess Light > Light-Language & Love

This channel took place a few days after a fairly significant solar flare. These flares are impulses of light and energy that most often come from the central sun. They are released as the energy of the sun transitions...

Goddess Light > The High-Frequency Timeline

This channel is wonderful in a new way!! So often, the Goddess would work with everyone to clear out aspects of their lives. In other words, the focus for the channel is about clearing so that the person could then move forward.

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