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Beloved Sustainers of Light,

We greet you today with much excitement, for the time is nearing for the great awakening of humanity! This is what you came here for ~ in case, in any way, you had forgotten. Of course, forgetting has been part of the plan, and it is now that you will remember.

HeartLight > Take Command

Aren’t you beginning to feel the excitement in the air? Yes, we know that much must continue to transform before it is overt, but you must already instinctually know that good is coming, do you not?

HeartLight > Keep On Keeping On

Greetings Beloved Children of the Light,

We are always glad to communicate with you for you are the soldiers of light walking the Earth plane on behalf of all warriors at this time. We speak of warriors because that is what it must feel like for you most often! The bliss is bliss and the drudgery is such! It is for you to lift the drudgery into bliss, much like the monastery monks who find bliss in sweeping the floors. It is for you to do the same.

HeartLight > What Expression of Love Are You?

You can ease the concerns of your heart, for your greatest desires will be met! You have gotten yourself into quite a tight state as you use your lesser abilities of worry and trying to understand and sort the complexities.

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