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HeartLight > Love Yourself Free

Our human experience is one full of extraordinary opportunities, both on a personal and collective level. What lies before us in the unfolding of each present moment is the ultimate gift of understanding of who we are from the deepest recesses of our being and our purpose for being here at this time.

HeartLight > Observe, Not Absorb

It is always a delight to communicate to you in this way. You are transforming so much inside it is always important to keep connected to your highest wisdom and that is always within.

HeartLight > Love Overrides

Oh, how the world needs your light now! It is so vital that you show up inside of yourself every moment of every day. You have trained well for these times.

You are never alone, surely you know this by now! It is up to you to utilize this boundless resource of love and support and wisdom and guidance and healing and expansion, continually.

HeartLight > Stay the Course

The greatest message we can give you right now is: stay the course. You have learned so much to this day, it is now absolutely critical that you put it all into play. You are becoming the multidimensional beings that you know yourselves to be but have not been able to express.

HeartLight > You Are the Solution

The outside world is a chaotic cauldron of miscreation. It is vitally important for you to remember at all times, that you are not that! It is easy to perceive that we are involuntarily polluted by this burning off, this release of effluvia.

HeartLight > Muddy to Clear Waters

Nothing can be solved by your mind. It processes information, but it is not the resolver. This is the capacity of the heart. So, take your concerns to your heart. It can handle everything.

It is the time of going within. The stronger your light inside, the more resilience you will have to maneuver the outer world. So, you know what to do: breathe, calm, ground, open your heart and crown and receive the light to expand.

HeartLight > Wielding Your Light to Dispel Darkness

How to find peace in the chaos? Within. If each seeks this sanctity, then it will blossom and flourish. It is not a magic potion; it is universal law. You are creators. This is the most profound realization for you to know.

HeartLight > Your True Avatar

There is so much going on in your outer world to distract you from the real world, which is within. You are here to experience the outer world from the lense of your inner truth. This can be so confusing – but think of it like being an avatar for God!

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