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Receiving is more than just taking an object, whether it's physical or spiritual. As a culture, we take all the time with out knowing it. Example if someone gives us a paycheck, (any form of currency) or a gift or even their heart, the object is taken with no emotional attachment. Receiving is different from taking; receiving is filled with gratitude and/or joy

We as a collective and as individuals give life to all that surrounds us through thoughts and emotions. We are the creators of our destiny and responsible for the outcome. The energy given to items, news, people, etc. can manifest in many ways. How does it manifest itself? It manifests itself through our emotions, thoughts and words. When we give our full attention to something, no matter the subject, we lend it our energy to give it life. This is an unconscious process.

What is Gratitude by Default? This is when we give thanks without awareness, by being unconscious of what we create. We go through each day making wishes and carrying on with a routine, and some of us give a form of thanks for manifestations or the ability to see a task through

Divine Balance is when we feel harmony within Self, when all life is in Balance. What does balance mean? Having Divine Balance is when we are in touch with both internal (self) and external energies surrounding us.

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