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The little adds up and makes a real difference in the world. It's the little things that help our dreams come to reality. All the little things add up to one big thing. Most of us go through each day doing little things, such as prayer, eating, brushing our teeth, getting dressed, waking up every morning, basically the daily routine. It's that routine to help us be thankful for life, especially when we become more aware of our habits and routines. Yet we become upset when the routine is broken; sometimes feel lost, confused and still we find a through the fog.

Life is so simple yet complex by design. Our life is transformed energy to survive in a world created for us to experience all joy and emotions. No matter how much control you seem to have over something, there tends to be one thing you have no control over. This is a process where we have to learn to let go and live life accordingly to your life's purpose. No matter the size of the purpose, it will have an impact on a life or lives in the world we live in.

Be thankful this day for friendship.

We are blessed with new opportunities daily, the first being us waking up daily. Most opportunities often go unnoticed. The reason for this is because we are blinded by what we desire the outcome to be and not what is being presented to us. 

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