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Jamye Price > October 2023 Ascension Energies – Sacred Sound

These times feel like a turning point; poignant and poised to bloom through Time. Gabriel’s Horn is back, first returning in 2020. Cycles end, begin and renew. Time is moving through you.

Your path of Ascension has always been supported by the season of change. And yet unlike the flower, you must actively embrace and choose as change is occurring.

Jamye Price > Forming Anew

We have said continually that you live in a world, a reality, of conditions. As you release resistance to these conditions, they become a structure for change, not a mere limitation.

Jamye Price > Solid Form

As exemplified through Time, there is not a moment of complete stillness, for time never stops. Through space, there is also constant movement as rotation occurs in relation to cell, to self and to other bodies. 

As you sustain your unique awareness of your desires and potentials, Life densifies to what you magnify. As you release trauma and suppression you transcend...

We are still in a powerful time of our Creative Harmonic. Animals have always been powerful partners and teachers. They even had a shift that I was aware of back in 2015.

Before each breath there is a potential. What will it be? There is desire that is clouded around you. It is the mist you are immersed in. It is yours, it is Life’s. It is lives lived and breathed.

Blessed Being, the duality experience is one of Unknowns and Opposites as you navigate the inner and outer into Connection. You are always creating a Connection of the self and All Life within your being. Key to that is your Awareness.

Jamye Price > May 2023 Ascension Energies – Navigating Change

Blessed Beings, you are at a powerful Connection point of Life. It is at this continuum that your Being is connected to a Oneness that potentiates All. It is the way of these points...

Blessed Being, you meet a breath of stillness before the next movement. Yet there is movement within that stillness. You are at a point of breathing the old and new simultaneously. It is around you, within you and beckoning your focus.


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