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Jamye Price > Lion’s Gate Energies

The energies that we are within are pushing and pulling our willingness to relax into evolution. As our ancient memories integrate into the now, the opportunities to change or stay the same show us a path.

Jamye Price > August 2022 Ascension Energies – Conscious Choice

Blessed Creative Being, your unique choices offer a path of creation for Life to flow. Controlling that flow is open to you, within reason. This controls the physical for a time...

Jamye Price > July 2022 Ascension Energies – Beingness

To Be is the only answer. The questions merely serve to distract the self from the Self. Any outward focus is the reflection of the mirror calling you inward.

As the fulcrum of Time tips, the pyramid shows its power to adjust the direction of life. You are the geometries of creation. Shape reshaping. Co-creation is the fine print of creating your reality.

It is for the neutral eye to see the fleeting potentials and give awareness to the magic facets singing silent songs. Just as the Eye of Ra lights plants to flower, so too does your Awareness give the formless power.

Jamye Price > April 2022 Energies – Freedom

We are in a time of the spiral flow tightening, speeding and intensifying the gravitational pull to change. This brings necessary readjustment, just as you would rebalance if you were changing direction.

Here we arrive at the catalyst’s creative node. Your Creative Focus is a tool of the bold.  What has catalyzed this moment of movement for you? Joy, anger, fear or determination?

Jamye Price > February 2022 Energies – Wise Trust

As we build our Inner Power to hold a higher octave of creation, we are called to find the balance of wise trust in the self, first and foremost, then in the broader cycles of life.

Jamye Price > January 2022 Energies – Inner Power

As we begin the year of Creative Harmonics, we are asked to focus our Inner Power on aligning with the higher octave that life is offering. As the January energies of Inner Power initiate the year, it will be a continued and foundational focus that will support the details that follow each month.

2021 had quite an energy to it. Deep and healing, intense and clarifying, sometimes confusing and frustrating. It shined a light in crevices that often felt like crevasses. It was a year of Freeing the Heart, according to Areon, yet it often felt like the heart was limited.


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