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Jennifer Hoffman > September 2023 Energy Report

This is the beginning of the season that I truly enjoy with its cooler temperatures during the day and especially at night, as the leaves change color and the sky turns that brilliant blue that you only see at this time of the year...

Jennifer Hoffman > 5 Steps of Creative Manifestation

We are creative beings, uniquely gifted with the ability to create matter from energy. This is not an insignificant attribute, it is how we create the reality we live in and yet it is something we generally ignore, take for granted, or do not use. 

It’s a new month and a whole new vibe. Don’t let July’s many retrogrades fool you into thinking it’s going to be a slow month. It isn’t. This is another action packed, full month with a few twists that include more revelations and truth bombs, calls to action..

Jennifer Hoffman > January 2019 Energy Report

So if you thought the new year is beginning with a big forward energy push and huge downloads for this very important new year, you’re right, it is. In fact, we have several things happening in January that contribute to the overall energy theme of the year...

Jennifer Hoffman > April 2021 Energy Report

April’s themes are ACTion, alignment, and renewal. This month we are encouraged to take action and with so much fiery Aries energy you might think that it is the busting out of the gate and doing as much as possible quickly kind of action.

It’s October and we have some BIG happenings this month so be prepared for transitions and transformations. While everything in the past 18 months has been a transition, in what appears to be the wrong direction, we are gathering forces and energy to move ahead.

Jennifer Hoffman > February 2023 Energy Report

When you think of February you think of Valentine’s day and that is the main focus of the month. It’s typically the month in which our thoughts are on love, romance, and relationships whether...

Jennifer Hoffman > July 2022 Energy Report

Welcome to July and a new month that is a relief from the strong 6 signature of June during which we had 3 days whose date numerology was 6-6-6. That brought the density of 3D front and center so we could be prepared for the end of June new moon.

Jennifer Hoffman > October 2022 Energy Report

It’s a new month and a new frequency, along with a new energy that is different from what we have had in the past few months even though we have some strong energy aspects in October...

What a relief to welcome December. I felt a huge shift in the energy when I woke up this morning and I had a song in my heart and some pep in my step as I basked in the glorious energy...

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