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Jeshua Channelings > The Snake in Your Abdomen

These elemental forces reside in your abdomen. It is where the raw emotions reside: wild waves in a turbulent sea. At the same time, there is in your abdomen the possibility of a deep silence in which you feel connected with all life on Earth...

Jeshua Channelings > The Heart Center of the Earth

Each one of you is meant to dance, although sometimes the movements you make are uncomfortable or painful. But not everything that has a blocking effect comes from outside you.

Jeshua Channelings > The Teacher Energy

You, who are here, are forerunners in consciousness. You are busy transforming your pain and increasing your consciousness, and, at the same time, you serve as a midwife and as a leader in this new time, in this transitional time. 

Jeshua Channelings > Let Go of Time

Remember what it was like to be a child. Your brain had not yet evolved that much, so it was more natural for you to be in the center of your feelings, and flow with them.

Jeshua Channelings > Atlantis and the Inner Struggle of Lightworkers

Lightworkers have been on their way for many incarnations. In this article I’m going to talk about their role as perpetrators in the time of Atlantis and the victim lives that took place afterwards

Jeshua Channelings > What Is True Spirituality?

When you look behind your negative behavior or habits, what you see is a frightened child inside you. Yes, it does require strength and an open heart to face this child.

Jeshua Channelings > Abundance lies within

Remember what it is like to be joyful, carefree, and playful. It is similar to how nature feels: the animals, the plants, the flowers. They do not know the heavy energy of worry nor the dividing energy of judgement.

Jeshua Channelings > The Spirit of Freedom

I am here today because the female energy on Earth is awakening to a higher level of itself. The female energy has been suppressed for a long time, but there was a reason for this happening...

Jeshua Channelings > Become Aware of Your Loneliness

The consciousness that you seek, and to which you belong, is not bound by time and space. It is also not somewhere else, neither beyond nor above the Earth. It is much closer, yet at the same time...

Jeshua Channelings > The Energy of Unconditional Love

There is a lot of love for you here, but it is hard for you to accept that because there is resistance in you against receiving love. You are much too hard on yourself, because you are afraid to receive.

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