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Kate Spreckley

The incoming energies are demanding and require us to remain in a space of fluidity despite any feelings of uncertainty. Fluidity allows us to remain open to all possibilities and opportunities. As we move into the weekend a space of inner stillness is necessary...

Shanta Gabriel

Shanta Gabriel > Cycles of Life’s Flow

Who of you with a thought can stop the mighty flow of the river? The sacred presence in the momentum of your life continues whether you agree or not. When you resist the flow, when you struggle or doubt, when you try hard to follow your plan even when it’s not working...

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Force, Source, Impulse, & Surrender

Today the angels talk about how surrendering to the loving impulses from Source can empower us and move us past internal conflict, stagnation, and anger. I'll share a personal example from my past and some tips to help you along.

Kate Spreckley

Currently, we are being internally rewired and as such how we respond and react to life is changing. Our consciousness is being internally expanded through our hearts which will shift our perspective and the lens through which we view ourselves.

Celia Fenn

When Mary Magdalene settled in France, she began the work of holding the Christ Light through her presence as part of the Christed “Twin Flame” energy, as well as sharing the energy of the message of the teachings of the Christ Consciousness.

Ronna Herman Vezane

Beloved masters, allow us to give you a brief overview as to the “current state of humanity and the Earth” from our perspective. Imagine that you are viewing your planet with our visual capabilities from one of the great Light Cities high above the Earth.

Ailia Mira

The light within you grows and grows. Even while the world is going through in so many ways transformation, evolution, deep change, and also death, there is the expansion of light. Inner light also expands as the infinite oneness expands...

Kate Spreckley

The incoming energies are incredibly intense right now as old emotional issues and challenges are being triggered for release. Any fear that arises about the unknown is surfacing gifting us with the opportunity to clear the emotions that lie beneath our fears and uncertainty.

Emmanuel Dagher

Over the next few weeks, we will notice an increasing influx of Light enter our personal space and the world as a whole, as the healing energies of the Sun continue to activate every cell and fiber of our being.

Jennifer Hoffman

We start June with a lot of carryover energy from May. We have a number of important retrogrades, strong spiritual support, and we are at the halfway point between two powerful eclipses. That may sound like an omen of doom and gloom but it isn’t...


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