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Kuthumi School of Wisdom > Great Beings

Blessings of Light and love to each of you as I enter your energy fields once more. You are great beings, great souls of unconditional love and courage.

"Why?" you may ask. Allow me to explain to you as we see it here.

My greetings to you as you join my energy, as we meet in love and Oneness.

Kuthumi School of Wisdom > Your Heaven on Earth

My greetings to you once more as we meet in Oneness and Light.

Kuthumi School of Wisdom > Gateway Opening

My greetings to you. I come forward today to allow Commander Naita, from the planet Arcturus to speak to you. I now stand aside to allow him to come forward.

My greetings to you as I enter your energy fields once more through my words and my essence.

Kuthumi School of Wisdom > Time Out

My greetings to you in the Divine Light of the Great One - God.

Indeed many of you are touching the Divine energy in your Light work, for the vibration in which you work, share and give to others has risen.
You are now coming to an end of many of the challenges which were created on your path this year.

My love and greetings to you.

I wish to express to you that we here, all of us including the Karmic council, the Galactic federation and other Light beings are aware of your inner and outer turmoil as you begin to experience the great shift in mankind's evolutionary process. Those of you who are aware of the Light, no matter how small the spark, will be aware of the change in energy and the change on the planet itself.

My greetings to you as our energy fields touch once more.
I must tell you we here of the White Brotherhood are filled with joy as we see the Light within each of you becoming stronger. As you return to your full quotient of Light and joy, you are also releasing the old paradigms which have created pain and unhappiness through many of your lifetimes.

Kuthumi School of Wisdom > Your Word

Good day my beloved ones, my friends of harmony and Light.

I come today to speak to you of the Word - of your word. The words you use each day of your life - your experience.
I speak to you today from an illuminated temple, filled with the Golden Light and illuminated essence of God.

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