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Nancy Leilah Ward > Flowing Love

In this time of chaotic maneuverings, the efforts to control will fall short, will slip away. A hand reaching to grasp a desired outcome will find that they grasp at smoke, at dust, at sand falling through their fingers.

Nancy Leilah Ward > Field of Creation

As you rise above looking at the drama of the world, find the place of knowing. The field of all possibility where light flows from you in golden geometric rays and connects with other threads of light.

Contemplating this feeling of still being in a liminal space… the space between. In a lock of a canal, as the water slowly fills the lock preparing for a surge forward. The noisy antics of people of the world are held...

Nancy Leilah Ward > Riding the Waves of Love

There will be “phoenix rising from the ashes” moments in the future as we create a new way of living on Earth. Contemplating and discussing with like-minded people what this transformation could look like will be very helpful in bringing about changes.

Nancy Leilah Ward > Solstice 2022

On days when you feel the heaviness of the planetary consciousness, stop your doing and take a moment to sit and breathe, go within, access your heart and find love.

Nancy Leilah Ward > Stretch it to the Limit

We are between the eclipses of October 25 (solar) and November 8 (lunar). At times the energy feels very tight as if something is being pulled and pulled, stretched to the breaking point...

Nancy Leilah Ward > The Bridge

Wisdom of Source is coming through – stepping up the communication at this time. Feel your energy flowing out from you tapping into timelines – they are like threads of light – there is one that is prominent. Journey forward with your heart…

Nancy Leilah Ward > Practicing Presence

There’s a feeling in the air that I’ve noticed lately – a feeling that anything could happen at any moment that could change my life in the blink of an eye. I’ve also had moments when I feel my feet aren’t quite on the ground...

Nancy Leilah Ward > Waves of Love

Increasing waves of energy are here, churning up foundations from deep within, affecting us on a global, collective level, rocking foundations that were built on greed and control, collapsing old ideologies that can no longer be upheld.

Nancy Leilah Ward > Be Peace, Be Love

We offer you an overall view of the current situations erupting throughout Humanity on the planet earth. As you know, you are in a time of great change where all unhealed trauma is rising to the surface.

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