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Nancy Leilah Ward > The Bridge

Wisdom of Source is coming through – stepping up the communication at this time. Feel your energy flowing out from you tapping into timelines – they are like threads of light – there is one that is prominent. Journey forward with your heart…

Nancy Leilah Ward > Practicing Presence

There’s a feeling in the air that I’ve noticed lately – a feeling that anything could happen at any moment that could change my life in the blink of an eye. I’ve also had moments when I feel my feet aren’t quite on the ground...

Nancy Leilah Ward > Waves of Love

Increasing waves of energy are here, churning up foundations from deep within, affecting us on a global, collective level, rocking foundations that were built on greed and control, collapsing old ideologies that can no longer be upheld.

Nancy Leilah Ward > Be Peace, Be Love

We offer you an overall view of the current situations erupting throughout Humanity on the planet earth. As you know, you are in a time of great change where all unhealed trauma is rising to the surface.

Nancy Leilah Ward > Breaking Through

Small moments of deep insight are all around you - are there for you all, as you nurture yourselves and remain as witnesses to what is happening around you. You have your feelings, your viewpoints about the polarizing stories that are happening in the world...

Nancy Leilah Ward > Above and Beyond

For the last few months I have been in my little world, keeping it small. Sometimes being present in the flow, other times getting caught in turbulent emotions of the world.

Nancy Leilah Ward > Love Is Everywhere

I feel as if I have been flowing along on the surface of things, taking care of what needs taking care of in my life, maintaining equilibrium, observing the turmoil in the world, but not leaning into it.

Nancy Leilah Ward > Crossroads

We are at a crossroads, but it isn’t just four possible directions, it is a crossroads of many probable timelines going in many different directions. We need to feel into the timeline that we wish to immerse ourselves in, navigating from our hearts, with our intuition.

Nancy Leilah Ward > Incoming Wave Sets

Zooming out into the big picture above and beyond the stories of the chaotic churning of earth plane human consciousness to the eagle’s view of galactic multidimensionality, I see waves of energy...

The limbic state of the last few months - feeling low energy, floating through a waking dream with time stretching and compressing - lingered into April and now it’s beginning to shift.

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