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Neale Donald Walsch > Observation vs Judgment

I've decided that I have to stop confusing the simple act of observation with negativity. Some people, in an effort to not "put any negative energy into the space,” refuse to say anything about anybody or anything that could be construed as being negative in any way.

Neale Donald Walsch > Let's Be Friends (Part 5)

Once I was able to forgive myself and accept myself, I was ready to take the last step to self-friendship: celebration of myself. And once I was able to celebrate myself, I was at last able to celebrate others. Especially those closest to me.

Neale Donald Walsch > Let's Be Friends (Part 4)

Part 4: Being friends with your spouse, with your children, with those you dearly love, truly does begin with being friends with yourself. The process for others is the same as the process is for me. It is, as I said, a three-part process...Forgiveness, Acceptance, Celebration.

Neale Donald Walsch > Let's Be Friends (Part 3)

God has made it very clear to me that when I understand the actions of others, when I understand those others themselves (what informs them, what animates them, what motivates them), forgiveness becomes unnecessary.

Neale Donald Walsch > Let's Be Friends (Part 2)

It is true that being one's own best friend can be one of the hardest things in life to do. In my own experience it involved something along the lines of a three-step process, which felt like...

Neale Donald Walsch > Let's Be Friends (Part 1)

Be friends with your spouse. Be friends with your children. Be friends with your relatives. Be friends with your neighbors and your fellow workers and your acquaintances. And yes, even be friends with your enemies.

Neale Donald Walsch > Why Is Life So Difficult?

Why is life sometimes so difficult? I said before that "nothing happens without purpose, nothing occurs by chance, there is no such thing as coincidence, and there are no victims and no villains in the world. Everything is placed before us so that it might bring benefit TO us. It's all in how we react."

You may have already known that the Agenda of the Soul is something to which you should be paying attention, but it might not have been made clear to you just how important it is to your personal, earthly well-being.

The greatest sadness of humanity is that the largest number of people have no idea what they are doing here. During their time on the Earth, I mean. And I honestly do not mean that in any way pejoratively. It is not said with even a touch of disapproval, but with a touch of disbelief.

What if the purpose of life had nothing to do with what have become our normal Earthly pursuits? Would that not be important for us to know? Would that not be the most important message God could ever send us?

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